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    "If they can have her, why can't we? Report details how police rape and torture sex

    "If they can have her, why can't we? Report details how police rape and torture sex From
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    Dominican Bites off ICE finger tip.
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    Easy Spanish Youtube This a young man from mexico who posts videos in interview form on various topics. He has both English and Spanish subtitles. very helpful.
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    miami hotel fired haitians to hire hispanics. now they gotta pay. frommhuffpo
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    A sad deportation story.

    Dominican entered via visa waiver. Overstayed. also holds Spanish citizenship. His fiance is also unauthorized. Got in a car accident and her kid was injured permanently. He is getting deported. Kindergarten child is citizen and requires 24 hour care. so sad...
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    Should I go to cap-Haitien?

    I’ve got two weeks at the end of January.  I’ve narrowed 8t down to two possibilities. Colombia and a rocking good time with a friend for a week the. Wander on my own for a week. Or, DR with a three day side trip to cap-Haitien.   I would cross at dajabon and spend two nights, three if I...
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    The difference between Miami and Cancun.

    I'm in Mexico again. Heard a joke last night.  What is the difference between Miami and Cancun?  In Cancun they speak English. 
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    10 min video on Haitian revolution This Youtube is from crash course aka cpg. There are hundreds videos which seem to be directed toward high school students. This one isn't his best, mainly due to the stupid schtick in the middle part. But i recommend them all.   This one is narrowly focused in the...
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    Has anyone ever heard of a patient advocate?

    A friend of mine is nearing retirement. A long time ICU and other specialty nurse for 30 years. She has started a patient advocacy firm. She goes on appointments, reviews tests and results, explains, teaches and assists. Because she is merely assisting an adult make their own decisions she...
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    Sailboat vacation in DR

    I'm trying to plan my big winter trip. Perhaps someone here can help. I'm looking for a Caribbean cruise of at least three nights up to a week. the kind of boat that has 6-8 passengers and usually a husband/wife captain/crew. The Virgin Islands seems to be the number one spot, but i'm not...
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    5 y/o Dom boy put on wrong plane.

    Well, who knew this was even possible. A five year old boy was put on a flight unaccompanied. Jet blue sent him to Boston instead of NY. Children flying internationally without a guardian in the custody of an airline? First I've heard of it...
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    Solar ovens in DR.

    How Solar Ovens Are Changing Lives In The Dominican Republic Not sure if the link will work.
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    Lo que se ve no se pregunta

    A response given in an interview with Juan Gabriel. Anyone care to help me parse this phrase. "The thing is, look, don't ask." How far am I from being on point? I really need to take a grammar class.
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    Me regala un buen dia.

    Today at the end of a pleasant commercial interaction at the local bakery the clerk said... Me regala un buen dia. Which I interpreted as I wish you a good day. Regalar is to give a gift. Anyone care to comment on the use of reflexive here. Transliterated is it... Me gifts to you a good...
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    Dominican born Entrepreneur Mom shares her quest to preserve language
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    Does anyone know when latinx started as a stand in for gender neutral latino/a? I've been seeing it in many of the stories about Orlando. any other gender neutralizing trends in Spanish I need to know about?
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    Haitian Migrants "surging" at San Ysidro Border crossing The article mentions this as a leftover of 2010 with folks migrating from Brasil, not directly from Haiti.
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    Haiti cancels presidential election as violence erupts

    From the guardian
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    Yadires, Yahira, Yanires, Yani...

    Can someone offer some insight on these fairly common dominican names. Are they related like Susan, Suzanne, Sue, Susanna? What are the English equivalents of these names? Thanks.
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    what's up with post count and join dates?

    I noticed some old timers have join dates of jan 16 and low post counts. what's up with that?