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    Italian Slain in Santo Domingo

    Here in Italy many newspapers report this: Ciao donP
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    Tourist Feared Dead

    El Lim?n, Saman? At least two people died in an accident this morning when a lorry, a minibus (with 5 tourists) and another vehicle collided. Source: Facebook / Delvis Santos donP
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    8 Wheels Lost

    . Highway SD - Saman? Till Death Do Us Part.... donP
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    Have you ever heard of ANTRADE?

    Me neither. But I understand these people are very important helpers in education. :bunny: So, now these technicians are demanding a salary hike of a mere 500%. :classic: Q to PICHARDO: What do these technicians do? Are they the ones who...
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    Minister Assaulted

    Santo Domingo The former director of Obras Publicas, V?ctor D?az R?a, was assaulted when he was entering a restaurant with his wife. donP
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    The Trinitarios Gang in Madrid?

    Madrid The death of a Dominican (35) and 2 seriously wounded compatriots (33, 37) is reported from Spain. It is suspected that members of a Dominican gang are responsible. donP
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    It Is Always The Gringo's Fault

    Barbacoa, Las Terrenas, Saman? Although this happened in Saman?, I am posting it here, because I know it could have happened anywhere in this 'paradise'. :tired: A European 'gringo' was driving his SUV when he was rear-ended by a young Dominican on a scooter. The Dominican wanted the 'gringo'...
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    No More ZUKO?

    We used to buy ZUKO, it seems it's not available any more. {Just like the Bohemia in small bottles! :devious: :mad: } Nuestros Productos Zuko The stuff they are selling (Quala Dominicana) is horrible. JugosY? | Quala Where can one still get ZUKO, the good stuff?? donP
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    San Miguel Beer

    Now with the small Bohemia beer gone and Presidente not a drinkable alternative, what can one buy? Today I saw cheap Spanish San Miguel beer (6 @ 330 ml for 325 RD$) in the Super Pola 'ofertas'. Distribuidor de Cerveza San Miguel en Logro?o (La Rioja) - Distribuciones Fontecha Too cheap to be...
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    3 Killed in Airplane Crash

    Pu?al, Estancia Nueva A small aircraft crashed killing 3 people onboard. The plane had taken off from Santiago airport (Aeropuerto Internacional del Cibao) at 10:45 a.m. Noticias de Saman? Republica Dominicana: Avioneta se precipita en Estancia Nueva, Santiago; tres muertos...
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    Italian Embassy To Reopen?

    Santo Domingo / Rome An Italian administrative court ruled that the closure of the Italian embassy in Santo Domingo last year was illegal. Tribunal anula decisi?n de cierre Embajada de Italia en Rep?blica Dominicana Valoran sentencia de tribunal que anula el cierre de embajada de Italia en en...
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    Old Inverter Batteries

    . What can I expect to get for my old inverter batteries (16 Trojan T-105, red)? donP
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    Paradise for Murderers

    SANTIAGO DE LOS CABALLEROS Although El?as Luis Diaz (65) admitted in a video to have taken part in the murder of two women (22, 27) last year, a female judge ordered his release for insufficient evidence. Jueza libera hombre confes? en video haber asesinado a dos mujeres |
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    Be Tolerant!

    Just received an email: :laugh: donP
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    No More Bohemia Beer?

    My 'colmado' lady said, they do not make it any more. :disappoin Will I now have to resort to Presipi$$? :cheeky: donP
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    Ireline's Wheelchair

    Boston When Ireline M. (30), Dominican, arrived at the airport in her wheelchair 4 kilograms of cocaine were detected in her vehicle. If convicted she faces 20 years in jail and a fine up to 1 million USD. Arrestan "mula" dominicana con coca?na en silla de ruedas en aeropuerto de Boston   donP
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    Armed Robbings in Piantini and Mirador Sur

    Santo Domingo Last year over 10,000 robbings were reported to the police. It now seems that armed robbers have taken a fancy to the better parts of the capital. Asaltos no dan tregua a ciudadanos - donP
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    Theft at Santiago Airport Customs

    Santiago Eight customs employees at the Santiago airport were arrested for theft worth millions (of pesos). The article brings to mind that in 2010 there was a similar theft case, when 8 sons of high ranking PLD politicians were involved in the import of arms and other contraband. The then...
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    They Cheated Us with the Saman? Highway

    The Dominican government signed a contract for 30 years with the Columbian company which constructed the Saman? highway. Now the Dominicans realize that they have to subsidize the road heavily and claim they were cheated... donP
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    Strange Death of a Doctor

    Santiago A lady doctor (33, pregnant) died in a clinic (Uni?n M?dica) where she worked as an anesthesiologist . El Caribe ? Hallan muerta anestesi?loga embarazada en cl?nica de Santiago donP