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    Law enforcement and noise from bar, how does it work?

    Hello DR1ers, we're having a bit of a situation here on the North Coast. There's a bar located near a residential area. They play music every day from 7pm to 10pm(when we're lucky) or 12am on. We've called the police and it still continues. How would you advise about escalating the issue and...
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    House maintenance technical questions (solar, water pump, etc.)

    Hello wonderful DR fans, First questions on solar 16 panel + 5kW inverser. - Sending back production, but still consuming, my production is low like 2-3kw per day even then... - Without consuming I send back about 12kw per day I consume about 26kw per day so in theory should bring down bill...
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    Pool maintenance questions.... yes!

    Hello fellow DR-freaks, Well, I have been studying pool maintenance, chemistry and sand filters for the past month or so and I'm shocked that stores don't seem to sell shock here? Basically non-stabilized chlorine. The idea is that once in a while for good measure or if you have an algae...
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    Do-it-all faucet water filter?

    Been tried in Haiti with great success. Does any of use have any experience with this system? Isn't it just active carbon + membrane < 1 micron?
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    Stroller Wheels Repair?

    My stroller wheels have rusted to the point of collapsing! Two years of beach strolling were enough even though I kept rinsing, scrubbing and spraying anti-rust paint... Anyway, a new stroller is $90-100, while one wheel (3 needed) is $30 + shipping (US Prices). I must be missing something(?)...
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    Little black butterflies from drain pipe

    Tried putting muriatic acid, boiling water, bleach, into the drain pipe but after a couple of weeks they are back. They only come from one floor drain hole.
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    Latest on Ciguatera - hoping to clarify a few things

    After doing some research we decided to throw away a beautiful freshly caught barracuda. Apparently being on top of the food chain, it's very likely to be affected by the bacteria (1 in 3 in Florida!). I read that it's more likely found in larger predators 4.5lbs+. Does it mean it's safe to eat...
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    Car rental problem with Hertz

    My Dad went to return his rental from PUJ to POP and they said it was missing a rug from the back seat. Obviously the rug was missing from PUJ but they claim that it was there and not noted upon the initial inspection. So.... I'm about to write up a "reclamation" for him. I thought this was...
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    Need Car A/C mechanic near Cabarete Center

    I have an A/C leak, refilled in March for 400 pesos at David's tire shop, now August and it's out again. Is the one close to Esso still ok? It'd be nice if it's walkable distance from center. Or can it be fixed while I wait? I can also bring it to Torfilco in PP if they do A/C work? That way...
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    Taxi fare from Metro Churchill terminal to Boca Chica

    Got family taking the bus from Sos?a and they will spend a night in Boca Chica. What price should they expect to pay?
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    Shipping experts - need info on order over 200 dollars.

    I'd like to get a few items rather large (windsurfing gear) but light. All prices are in USD. Items come from US. One is $196 with 35 shipping additional. One shipping company wants 33% of the value? Another is 150, can I combine shipping? Meaning an order of items under 200 dol which...
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    Car Rental one-way fees

    I just checked a few car renting companies for an SDQ to POP trip. Both Alamo and Avis charge a one-way fee (resp. USD 75 and 100), however Budget doesn't seem to be charging anything. Does this seem correct?
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    Taxi Fare from Caribe Tours (coming from Sos?a) to SDQ Las Americas Airport

    Hola amigos, I'll be arriving to Caribe Tours terminal from Sos?a with my family and need transport to the aiport. How much should I expect to pay? Thanks all.
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    long term parking near the airport

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had information regarding long term parking near the airport. We'd leave the car for three weeks.
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    Sailing & sailboat rental

    I will have some family coming down and they are interesting in finding out sailing on the north coast. Are there (up-to-date) websites out there, marinas where boats can be rented, advises on sailing safety and such, maps, rocks?
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    Looking at houses in Cabarete Center, Pro-Cab & Perla Marina

    Hola fellow dr1'ers. We've been looking at houses around the Cabarete area (will consider suggestions max $200k). I am an addicted windsurfer and therefore need to be very close to the windsurfing centers. We are looking at three neighborhoods, Cabarete Center (which has more condos than...
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    What computers or electronics things to bring to live?

    Hi all, My wife and I will be moving to Cabarete in a few days now and I was wondering what pieces of electronics to bring over. I have two linksys wifi routers, one cable modem, pieces of network cable and phone, keyboards, mice, etc. How about plug strips and extensions? At a minimum...
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    US phone number questions: Calling the US / Receiving calls from the US

    Hi everyone, I currently have a US phone number, sim card and US plan as well as have a google voice account but not a separate google voice number (at least not yet). I would like to keep my US phone number if possible or at least get a US phone number when in the DR. Can I get a DR plan and...
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    Cargo (Pet) Shipping vs Excess Baggage

    I've checked delta baggage info and for one person: - up to 10 bags are allowed - 1 bag = max 70lbs - 2 bags of 50 lbs = free - the 3rd bag (up to 10) = $200 each - $150 windsurfing board (will have more bags for sails and everything, doesn't count towards baggage count) - $125 dog or we can get...
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    Flights from Europe, is it cheaper to fly and stay at AI resort than buy tickets?

    I have seen offers on expedia which show AI resorts stays on the North Coast (incl. flights) to be cheaper than the price of a regular plane ticket. I'm interested in finding out about flights from France mostly. Looks like XL Airways has flights on certain days (ex: Thursday's) during a...