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  1. ChelseaRose

    Historical Pirates and Hispañola

    Wow @Auryn this is all really fascinating - makes me want to find a couple of books and dig into the subject, too! Thank you for posting the information you've found! Are you digging this up from the internet, or other sources?
  2. ChelseaRose

    21% wage increase for free zone workers

    If you do the math with the numbers thrown out here: the 2,338.68 / month increase, if they're working 4 weeks @ 55 hrs/wk comes to about 10.5 pesos per hour raise. That's US 20 cents.
  3. ChelseaRose

    Abinader announces one-stop construction window to be in place by the first quarter of 2022

    It took us an entire YEAR to get the building permits for our house renovation in la zona colonial - including daily check-ins during the final month to force the determination. The project included some demolition, but no visible changes from the street. Sixty days for a permit would be an...
  4. ChelseaRose

    Solar Hot Water in SD

    Ooh excellent info- thank you! Great info on the thermostatic mixer, too- I wouldn't have thought of that. You recommend oversizing the calentador- as in the hot water storage capacity? Like you run out of hot water quickly? Also, do you have any cold spells after rainy/cloudy days? And...
  5. ChelseaRose

    Solar Hot Water in SD

    Hey all! I'm renovating a house in la zona colonial in SD and I'm thinking about putting an evacuated tube solar hot water system on the roof. Something like the Kuzeysan system that Megasol advertises ( I'm wondering: 1. Any thoughts on how well...
  6. ChelseaRose

    Ministry of Education is getting ready to return, somewhat, to the classrooms

    What's the difference in pay between a cook and a food distribution person? Worth crowing about? Does she cook any of the food before she delivers it? Or is it raw ingredients? Just curious!
  7. ChelseaRose

    Will bicycle riding take off in Santo Domingo?

    I live in the Capital, and I'm a woman in my early forties. I bicycle everywhere! Sure, it's hot, but you learn the exact pace you need to go to get enough breeze to stay cool, but not so fast you are profusely sweating. And yes, I do plan my outfits to minimize sweat. Sure it's "dangerous"...
  8. ChelseaRose

    Almost unnoticed, thousands of dengue cases this year

    Your cleaning lady is actually correct- screens reduce airflow through windows by around 50%. Fire fighters know this and knock out screens as soon as they arrive. HVAC consultants also do, and plan for the reduction in airflow in their calculations.
  9. ChelseaRose

    President Luis Abinader announces expansion of Santo Domingo Metro, green light for mass transport to Los Alcarrizos

    Legit and safe public transit to the AIRPORT?! Wouldn't that be amazing!
  10. ChelseaRose

    This weekend it’s walking only in the Colonial City

    I for one am absolutely looking forward to this. I live in la zona. People walk down the middle of half the streets anyway because the sidewalks are too narrow. La zona should really be pedestrian only all the time (with allowances for residents and commercial deliveries) - with bicycles...
  11. ChelseaRose

    Evergo promotes first electricity-powered bus

    WOW - it would be amazing if the POS guaguas in SD were replaced with electric buses and vans! Its too bad that the first electric bus is reserved for tourists - why not deploy it right in the thick of the metropolis so people can really see, smell, hear and understand the benefit?
  12. ChelseaRose

    Dominican films can be seen for free through 24 September

    Ooh I saw El Proyectionista (the projectionist) when it was at Cinema Boreal at Mamey in SD. Fantastic movie- I would recommend it if you're into arthouse cinema type movies.
  13. ChelseaRose

    Attorney General Miriam Germán overhauls La Victoria Jail

    "La Victoria houses 7,220 inmates, equivalent to 27.4% of the country’s prisoners. 61% (4,448) are in pretrial detention and 38.4% (2,772) are serving sentences. " - more than 60% of inmates are there "in pretrial detention" without being sentenced? How long do people rot in the system before...
  14. ChelseaRose

    Little traffic on Santo Domingo beltway

    I really hope the government follows through with their promise to push trucks to use this road instead of cutting through the Malecon - what a difference that would make! Though if there's still a section that's unfinished, it's not all that useful yet, is it? I've taken parts of the ring...
  15. ChelseaRose

    Covid-19 travel insurance plan starts on 15 September

    I am so surprised they're offering this insurance without also requiring PCR tests before arrival. Wouldn't it make sense to weed out people traveling WITH COVID before offering to take care of them once they get here on the government's dime? I hope the government is also planning to pay all...
  16. ChelseaRose

    Pros and cons of Abinader’s decree on food deliveries

    I think this is a fantastic idea, and we've already had delivery after curfew, twice. Delivery is incredibly fast without tapones to deal with. I've heard many employers arrange special transit home for their employees after curfew - via company vehicle with authorization. If a few hoodlums...
  17. ChelseaRose

    Abinader to Elon Musk: DR is land of opportunities

    I do find it rather funny that the main electrical power source for this Tesla is... Punta Catalina, a lovely coal-fired power plant. Burning imported coal. Now if Abinader puts solar panels or wind turbines on the lawn of the capital building, that'll be something to talk about.
  18. ChelseaRose

    Presidency extends for another 25 days the curfew

    Exactly- the more participation in preventative measures, the less risk. But it seems as if certain demographics do not understand (or do not care about) the ramifications of their actions (partying in the streets, not wearing masks or observing social distancing). They are putting themselves...
  19. ChelseaRose

    Presidency extends for another 25 days the curfew

    Curfew only works if curfew is evenly enforced. I keep seeing reports of partying in the streets in certain barrios - in the city at least. How about start there before making curfew more restrictive?
  20. ChelseaRose

    Medina sends Solid Wastes Bill back to Congress

    What a toothless bill - five years to phase out plastic bags. Nothing to address foam containers. No mention of biodegradable packing? If this is the best they can do in the wake of the Durquesa fires and the uproar about Vogue Magazine's recent feature of photos of trash-strewen Dominican...