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  1. thompstr

    Land Beyond the Blue

    Too bad they don't have bull riding
  2. thompstr

    Snowbirds complaining they left DR too soon

    Right now its 27c, feels like 36c Supposed to rain next couple days, then cool off lows like 17c, for a couple days , then back up to 24c Selby ont
  3. thompstr

    Snowbirds complaining they left DR too soon

    19c 2 hrs east of Toronto, right now High for today 27c feels like 33c Its being like this all week
  4. thompstr

    Bridge failure affects traffic between Puerto Plata and Sosua

    Thankfully you can detour around it
  5. thompstr

    Will the Dominican Peso ever go back to be One to One with the Dollar like back in 1983/1984 (February)

    Think there will be a ression soon, so I think it'll drop more
  6. thompstr

    Recent Departure from POP

    Back in October and November at pop they had the dog for whole plane too Kinda funny
  7. thompstr

    can you fill out E-ticket early?

    Screen shot code Sorry no speak Spanish I've filled out as soon as I had flight ticket in hand Never had a problem filling out early
  8. thompstr

    US$6 for a small bottle of water in Punta Cana airport

    Ya dr slowly getting to expensive More bang for your buck else where, but we keep coming back
  9. thompstr

    US$6 for a small bottle of water in Punta Cana airport

    You can bring a empty one, and fill after security
  10. thompstr

    Eavestrough installer

    I'm in Canada we charge $8 at foot here Cash price
  11. thompstr

    Places to stay in Samana

    Might stay there,oct 22 Signed up for your news letter
  12. thompstr

    Man crashes into a horse and dies on Samana tolls road

    Always wondered if there was a law in Dominican about free ranging
  13. thompstr

    Can you Board a flight to Canada 14 days after a positive test

    If had negative test your good to go
  14. thompstr

    Corpses return of failed travelers

    Geeez ill take a Dominican spots here in Canada....only -30c here today with wind chill
  15. thompstr

    It looks more Human than Mark Zuckerberg

    Kinda like Spanish flu
  16. thompstr

    Government orders seniors to get the fourth vaccine

    Your 7th shot You get a free toaster
  17. thompstr

    DR1ers and Covid

    My brother-in-law had sniffles,but he was positive and double jabbed
  18. thompstr

    Why the drastic difference in deaths ?

    Won't want to scare tourist