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  1. El Hijo de Manolo

    Clean beach movement - Malecón, SD

    How sad.
  2. El Hijo de Manolo

    Pecorino cheese

    Anyone seen pecorino romano in Playero or elsewhere
  3. El Hijo de Manolo

    Look at Twitter silencing the Dominican doctor
  4. El Hijo de Manolo

    More threats in the air

  5. El Hijo de Manolo

    Looking for authentic leather products
  6. El Hijo de Manolo

    Hello DR1 - New in Sosua, DR

    I read in the board rules that new members should introduce ourselves, so here is what I got: My name is Manny and my wife and I just completed our residence in casa linda here in Sosua. We are from Venezuela and lived in Cabrera prior. I look forward to learning more about the area from this...