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  1. Hillbilly

    Some of my feelings on the passing of Dámaso Garcia

    I could write ten pages on Damasito, since I recruited him along with others to create the best amateur futbol team in the history of the DR. I recruited in one day eleven great volleyball players from San Francisco de Macoris, and one of them became his wife!. :) When I saw the note in DR...
  2. Hillbilly

    Dear Everyone. I need a new laptop and Marc is gone to Heaven

    My sturdy HP 4530 is a horse. It is also old. Marc Beland told me that it would last another 5 years if I kept it clean. I have done so as per his instructions, but memory is getting low and I really would like to get something newer, and lighter. I do not play games, download movies or other...
  3. Hillbilly

    A real quick question about beaches

    Greetings to one and all. My wife's brothers and some toddlers will be coming up here to Santiago and want to go to a beach. The wife wants "someplace not too crowded." I know most of the area from Montecristi to Río San Juan and then Nagua to Samaná. I would love suggestions from you all...
  4. Hillbilly

    Calling on my nerdier friends; some assistance please

    Friends, I have classes at the university from 8 to 10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That means I miss NCIS season endings and Amy Farrah-Faucet/Sheldon Cooper's wedding!!! However, some years ago, good friend DavidZ sent me a link whereby I could get the programs off the internet and watch them...
  5. Hillbilly

    Some interesting stuff on medical/clinic issues

    Hello. This is the Hillbilly Curmudgeon speaking. Today's topic is: Medical Emergencies and Clinics (1) and Clinics that accept International Health Care plans.(2) 1. It is against the law for any Emergency Room at any clinic (private) to demand a deposit for treatment of a patient brought in...
  6. Hillbilly

    Some stuff from Santiago

    First off, if there are U.S. citizens reading this, please send me a PM. I just want to see how many of us are around the Santiago area. Second, we have been eating out more frequently, mainly because of the weird hours my wife works. and we have found a couple of places worthy of...
  7. Hillbilly

    Books, books, books: Oh my, do I have books!

    I am wondering if there is some place where I can gift a ton (almost) of books, both paperback and hard cover, on everything from sci-fi to weepy romances. Our move has shown me to be a hoarder of books, and except for one or two collections (S.M. Sterling and Louis L'Amore) and my history and...
  8. Hillbilly

    Some interesting stuff from the Hillbilly in on

    Good Morning, Dominican Republic (Ode to Robin Williams, whom I loved dearly) First off, the old Hillbilly Hovel is no more. We are now out in the countryside in a gated community.Information upon request by PM. Next item on the list is that my two wonderful women, one of whom has worked...
  9. Hillbilly

    Real quick question

    Folks, I have let my passport expire. Where do I go to get it renewed? POP or Santo Domingo.?? Much appreciated, all your imput. HB
  10. Hillbilly

    Teaching Jobs open for native English speakers

    The St. David School has several openings for native English speakers. You can contact the school for more information. Cordially, HB
  11. Hillbilly

    I have to find homes for three great dogs

    Folks, we are seriously downsizing.ggoing from seven bedrooms and eight baths, four living rooms, three kitchens and tons of space (900 m2) to three bedrooms and three baths 350 m2. I have three dogs that have to be placed: two of them are three years old and the other will be six months...
  12. Hillbilly

    How much is that puppy? Part II

    Oh dear!. I have not been able to find a home for Pippiola yet, and she is growing into a very lovable dog. She is now paper trained and fully vaccinated. I will even up the ante and have her spayed here in Santiago, if it can't be done there in Sosua=-=after her first heat. This dog is a...
  13. Hillbilly

    How much is that puppy?

    Folks, I have a lovely 10 week old puppy of completely Dominican lineage. She is the daughter of a mutt my grandson rescued almost three years ago who got pregnant by one of our resident roving males--also of Dominican heritage. This puppy is the pick of the litter. She has been completely...
  14. Hillbilly

    I never wanted to write this post

    Dear friends: Our long time poster and great friend, Bushbaby, is currently in the Bournigal Clinic in Puerto Plata. He is not well, and I seriously doubt that he will surpass this crisis, I am so sorry to say. I visited him today and he recognized me and smiled and took my hand. we shared some...
  15. Hillbilly

    What a wonderful visit!!!

    On Saturday, my house was invaded by DR1ers! Carl Holmes, and his son Carlos were here for a while, before talking off to a hotel and then to Sosua. Carl is doing really well, and his boy is at a baseball school near the capital and will be looking for a college scholarship in the Spring. It...
  16. Hillbilly

    The good folks of DR1 come throught once again

    Good First Day of Winter (7:44 a.m.) This is to show you some photos of the dogs I talked about a while ago. I received some funding from a great family (Go Auburn) and we have attended to the nice creatures. They have been de-wormed, de-ticked, and fed on a regular basis. When we started one...
  17. Hillbilly

    Where do friends of Bill meet in Santiago??

    Hi folks. I have a friend who needs some help and he is willing to go meet some of Bill's friends, but I don't know if and where they meet here in Santiago. Any assistance will be wonderful. Cordially, HB
  18. Hillbilly

    I wonder if anyone can help with this

    A woman I know had about 12 dogs of every species you can imagine, including real Dominican street dogs. Economic circumstances have forced her to pretty much abandon six of them. One, a beautiful female with green eyes was spied by a little girl and taken home, where hopefully she will be...
  19. Hillbilly

    Something good and something inexpensive

    Hello dear fellow DR-1ers. Last night we were out walking to our dinner at the low-class Mexican place across the park for some cheap Chimichanga and fried meat to go with ice-cold Presidente (Normal) to be eaten under the trees and stars. It was sooo good. Then on the way back, we stopped at...
  20. Hillbilly

    For you folks that like good eating

    Folks, it is that time of the year again..The restaurant at the PUCMM-Santiago is now open! It was inaugurated yesterday (Thursday)... FYI, this year it is called "XIMENA" and the theme is Mexican. Most people that have ever eaten there have been well fed at decent prices, and with good to...