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  1. badpiece33

    Presidency announces action plan to reduce teenage pregnancies

    They not wasting money on headlights for moto conchos, you think they going to waste money to buy something your going to throw away? jeejjeje
  2. badpiece33

    Covid: Zero Dominican deaths in 4 days

    Guess they counting actual covid deaths not those who died of another cause and test positive for covid .
  3. badpiece33

    Byrischer Hof restaurant in Cabarete

    Love that place
  4. badpiece33

    How to Avoid the Vax

    yeah he has a better chance at the lottery than dying of covid if hes a healthy man
  5. badpiece33

    Covid Deaths Concentrated in 7 Provinces

    The largest cities with the biggest hospitals with the most sick elderly are leading the country? Hard to believe
  6. badpiece33

    Sosua Amet News

    They are out year round, why is this news?
  7. badpiece33

    COVID Mandates

    Just do what the govt demands without question? Yeah keep erasing history and our doomed to repeat it
  8. badpiece33

    Tragedy in Boca Chica; architect killed

    She should have stopped and not fled the scene. Bad things tend to happen when you escalate an already bad problem
  9. badpiece33

    Scott Teilhaber

    RIP my friend
  10. badpiece33

    Puerto Plata gets slapped with the lockdown of its Malecón

    Maybe the good doctor should not get paid either if hes so intent on keeping others out of work
  11. badpiece33

    China Wants To Improve It's Vaccine Before Giving To Chinese

    Expats so ragr to inject themselves with the vaccine in the DR and its from China??? Ill pass
  12. badpiece33

    Murders in La Mulata sentenced

    Sky will need to tell it but from what I remember he was coming home and was attacked by at least 2 individuals, They hit him in the head with the Machete and then continued the attack, I know one clown got blasted but if Im not mistaken 1 got away.
  13. badpiece33

    Murders in La Mulata sentenced

    Sky is the man an his story is very True. Some clown tried to rob him as he came home and paid with his life and I do remember that Sky was not arrested and was free during the entire investigation and was fully exonerated.
  14. badpiece33

    Murders in La Mulata sentenced

    yes you were allowed to have fun
  15. badpiece33

    This Too Will End

    Just not anytime soon.
  16. badpiece33

    Airports to be shut down for 15 days from 10th Jan ??

    Ferry flights operate like any other, you should have no issues booking the animals
  17. badpiece33

    Someone dies every two hours on Dominican roads

    Maybe we should ban vehicles instead of ridiculous curfews
  18. badpiece33

    How will you spend Christmas/New Year in the DR

    Will have a large family gathering at the wifes parents home, Dinner will consist of Ham,Pork and Turkey as well as whatever other family members and friends bring by during the evening. From what Im gathering nobody is thinking about curfew or social distancing
  19. badpiece33

    Dominicans get a last chance, authorities to reinforce curfew restrictions

    Those of you who are so convinced the govt is right to continue these BS curfews indefinately and think the govt has the best interests in mind, now know how you would have been had you been a German in Germany in the 1930s.
  20. badpiece33

    Sosua Hotel Manager missing

    Blast from the past