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  1. aname4me

    Dear CoViD Moderator.....

    Dear CoViD Moderator..... PLEASE.... create a thread for the 80% of us who have freely chosen to be Vaccinated and are truly worried about the oncoming Omicron surge coming this way. We can not speak freely and express things that concern us as along as a 1/2 dozen Anti-Vac'ers are allowed...
  2. aname4me

    Shoe Repair in (near) Sosua

    Shoe Repair in (near) Sosua My favourite sandals have become unglued (like me after a year of CoViD) I have re-glued them. That lasted a week. I need a Shoe Repair guy like I remember from my youth. His shop smells of oil and rubber and leather. He has a large “sewing machine” that goes...
  3. aname4me

    conscious Canadians - CoViD questions

    We are now back in Sosua for the Winter. As conscious Canadians we have concerns..... If we feel ill..... where do we go for a CoViD test? Price?? Can you buy Home CoViD tests? Is Ivermectin and/or Fluvoxamine available at the Pharmacies ? Price??
  4. aname4me

    Phone-WiFi packet for a foreigner stay several months

    Hola... I am returning to the North Coast for the Winter (missed last Winter) I am looking for advice on what phone, with Internet package, is available for Foreigners, on a month by month contract (or other variations). In the past we got Orange – then Altice. It was a simple pay-as-you-go...
  5. aname4me

    Google Earth finds new Breakwall @ Sosua

    Google Earth now has a Feb 2021 aerial photo of the "new" break wall in Sosua. 19°46'10.80"N 70°31'1.17"W The picture is a bit cloudy, but it shows it is now collecting sand (forming a Beach) (stealing sand from the A.I. and Sosua Beach)
  6. aname4me

    What Channel is the Super Bowl on... in Sosua?

    What Channel is the Super Bowl on... in Sosua? I ask this every year. I got that it is... February 2 7:30 local time ( I hope ) on Fox... but which Fox Channel, and is it “free” Some of the Local Bar show it from a DR feed.... with DR commercial. The only thing worse then commercials.... are...
  7. aname4me

    Chiropractor in (near) Sosua

    Can anyone give me the name of a current Chiropractor (not a Masseuse) in Sosua or near by?
  8. aname4me

    What Fish, for Fish n Chips?

    A Friend has arrived for a visit. (at home) He is very good and battering and deep frying English Style Fish n Chip. The Question..... What fish do I buy, in the DR, to make this? It should be thicker, with white flesh, and (absolutely) NO BONES. Not too fishy tasting. When cooked, it has to...
  9. aname4me

    Sousa.. what channel is SuperBowl?

    I am in the Sosua area with a DeLancer Cable connection. My Landlord opted for a “Basic” cable plan. If I choose to stay home to watch.... does anyone know what Channel (if, any at all) the Super Bowl game will be on? In English would be idea, but Spanish is acceptable. It's not that I want to...
  10. aname4me

    Beer Price ?

    I came back from the ?corner store?. They have a new poster. Beer has went up in price. Presidente Beer Jumbo 140Peso Grande 100Peso Just in time or Tourist Season Is this the same all over the DR, or is this a ?Special? for Sosua??
  11. aname4me

    DR departure tax 2016

    OK.... so what will I have to pay to get out of the DR I have been here 37days I have fund two different amounts... Here is the rates for staying beyond 30 days: De 1 dia a 3 meses RD$2,500.00 De 3 a 9 meses RD$4,000.00 De 9 a 12 meses RD$5,000.00 De 12 a 18 meses RD$6,500.00 De 18 a 24 meses...
  12. aname4me

    No U.S. citizens detained

    No U.S. citizens detained during raid on sex trafficking ring in Dominican Republic No U.S. citizens detained during raid on sex trafficking ring in Dominican Republic | Fox News Latino SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) ? A sex-trafficking raid in the Dominican Republic had the...
  13. aname4me

    Sosua Beach ? Pina Colada

    I am looking for some help finding the best Pina Colada, at a reasonable price, on Sosua Beach My criteria are... 1) Carnation Evaporated Milk, or it's equals, are NOT one of the ingredients. 2) It is not served in a Pineapple with a ?Tourist Price?. 3) It has the clear (and real)...
  14. aname4me

    Bugs making sawdust out of my bed

    I have a wooden bed frame. Something is depositing a fine sawdust onto the floor. I am not enjoying sweeping it up every day. I don't like the idea of sharing my bed with an alien life form (except for my wife). I don't like the idea of the bed collapsing when I am in it. What is causing it...
  15. aname4me

    Why would I go back to Sosua?

    I am retired, I am married, I don't chase Chicas, and I do like to go to Sosua for the Winter. I like the large selection of places to eat, at reasonably prices. I like the amount of English (that can be) spoken. A lot of the Mongers spoke English. They dropped a lot of $$. They fueled many...
  16. aname4me

    Jolly Roger Sosua is burned

    I walked by the Jolly Roger (about 8:30am). There were two fire trucks, and lots of people. The inside is charred, the tables and chairs crudely piled outside in a big heap, but the roof was still intact
  17. aname4me

    Real Sausage in Sousa.

    I am looking for a Butcher shop in Sosua the makes Sausages, from scratch, with real meat. Back ?Home? this would be a German Butcher, or an Italian Butcher, or a Finish Butcher. We just bought a Chorizo sausage from the Playero and it was closer to a hotdog wiener.
  18. aname4me

    DR Doppler Radar

    Does anyone know the story, as to why the DR, has no Doppler Radar? Doppler Radars
  19. aname4me

    Which Sim Card / Plan to get?

    We will be arriving in October to the north coast, and, If immigration laws allow.... staying for 5 months. We are bringing 2 unlocked cell phones (GSM 850/900/1800/1900). We are looking to purchase Sim Cards in the DR. We would like a basic plan to allow us to communicate with each other. No...
  20. aname4me

    The Snowbird Question

    It is now September. The Snowbirds are collecting for their flight South (collecting stuff for their suitcases) I haven't been able to watch all the DR1 forums. Is there (yet) a definitive answer to the question... ?Can I stay for up to 6 months, in the DR, and only pay the 3m to 9m tariff...