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  1. badpiece33

    Big brother monitoring every post????

    What with this message I see after I just posted in a thread that this post will remain invisible pending a moderators approval????? Whats going on here at DR1??????
  2. badpiece33

    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Hey guys I am looking for some credible information as to when the Dom Rep will open again for incoming International flights? I have heard April 3rd, April 15, May 31 and beyond. Does anyone have any insight into this?
  3. badpiece33

    Need to get back to DR

    Hey guys, asking for a friend :beard: looking for a Yola dropping off in PR, need return trip to DR, Cant wait for DR travel ban to end. :) LMK
  4. badpiece33

    Gasoline powered Golf Carts

    Hi all I am looking for a dealer or location in the Dominican Republic to purchase used or refurbished Golf carts. I am not looking for brand new carts but used ones and only gasoline powered, not electric. thanks in advance guys
  5. badpiece33


    I will be in DR this week and I have papers I need to email back to the USA and they have to be notarized, I will be leaving today Saturday and all notarys are closed here in NY. Just curious do they have Notarys in Puerto plata or anywhere else up north? Even Santiago?
  6. badpiece33

    DR1 getting boring

    What ever happened to the great debates and online fights that made DR1 so much fun a few years ago? Political correctness has overtaken DR1 and made it a boring forum, I used to make sure I logged in 2-3 times a day to see what was going on and who had fallen in love with a sankie, but now its...
  7. badpiece33

    Trip to San Jose De Ocoa

    I am planning on making a trip to San Jose De Ocoa in the next few weeks I would like to know does anyone know the condition of the road from Constanza area down to San Jose? I am hearing that it is in pretty good shape and recently re done? Has anyone traveled this route recently? I am also...
  8. badpiece33

    Hotel near Minches

    Hey guys I was recently talking to some people who were talking about a Boutique hotel in or near Minches that was supposedly built into a river/waterfall, they were telling me that the rooms were built into the land in such a way that it looked as if the hotel was actually in the river. I have...
  9. badpiece33

    Dentist in Sosua or POP

    Traveling down on monday night and just lost a filling and may not be able to get it taken care of Monday here in NY. Anyone got a good dentist on North coast and what the cost should be?
  10. badpiece33

    Getting from STI to Sosua

    Arriving in STI at 4am on tuesday morning, I usually drive everywhere myself but will have to take Metro or Caribe tours to Sosua. My Question is what is the earliest bus out of Santiago to Sosua? Which bus line and time if any of you guys know.
  11. badpiece33

    Cost of renting a Kiosk in upscale malls in Santo Domingo

    OK all you guys in the Capital a good friend of mine is expanding his business into Santo Domingo and is looking to rent space in one of the malls in Santo Domingo. He is looking for an upscale mall with lots of consumer traffic, he is also looking to get a price range in advance of his first...
  12. badpiece33

    Fishing in Las Terrenas

    Will be in Las Terrenas in a few weeks with a buddy who wants to get some fishing in, Does anyone have any contacts to a reliable and good Fishing boat in Las Terrenas area?
  13. badpiece33

    Reasonable and Reliable Taxi From Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas

    I have a friend who is arriving in Santo Domingo in about 3 weeks and he will need a taxi to get him from Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas. I will be meeting him in Las Terrenas but since it is his first trip to DR I am hoping to get him hooked up with someone who wont rip him off. Appreciate any...
  14. badpiece33

    Badpiece is out of the Game!!!! Turning in players card.

    After all the years of being a bad boy in DR, DR Badpiece has been finally hit by Cupids arrow!!! Lets all hope I'm not going to nose dive like so many others I have tried to help as DR Badpiece. She passes all of HB rules on dating a Dominican. Badpiece is officially turning in his Player card...
  15. badpiece33

    Taxi from STI to Metro or caribe bus station

    How much is a taxi from STI to the metro or Caribe bus station. I usually drive but will be doing the bus this trip. Appreciate if someone can advise current rates.
  16. badpiece33

    Expired US Passport

    Have a friend of mine who traveled to DR in July with her daughter for summer vacation, Daughters passport was expired when she left the USA but no one caught it at the airport in NY. The mother and 10 year old daughter attempt to leave last week and daughter is prohibited from leaving DR with...
  17. badpiece33

    Condos/apts in Bavaro area Ocean Front

    Hey guys, have a friend who is looking to relocate to the Bavaro area in the next year or so, I know the north coast and santiago really well but am not to knowlegeble of the Bavaro/Punta Cana area.My friend is looking for an upper end apt/condo preferably Ocean Front but definately Ocean View...
  18. badpiece33

    The Darcy Wright Story. LMAO

    Hey just got this blog sent to me, It is Darcys personal account of what he says he went thru last XMAS. Mods not sure if you guys want to put this in the clown bin, But it is a funny read. He actually believes his own fantasy. Maybe you and OJ can hook up and look for the killers and the...
  19. badpiece33

    Save The Doctor

    I just read where my sub forum was being cancelled!!!! Please save Doctor Badpiece for all those poor guys out there who need those hard to ask questions answered without all the PC crowds drowning them out. Please post here to save the Good Doctors little sub forum!!!
  20. badpiece33

    Convention center (Capital@ Santiago)

    I am doing some leg work for a good friend of mine who is the CEO of a company and he is planning 2 large events in Santo Domingo and one in Santiago. What would be the biggest venue in the capital and also in Santiago. If you could provide numbers and contacts I would appreciate it.