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    Go Camping Near Cabarete

    You can also camp in the DR Just as cycling is becoming more popular in the Dominican Republic, so is camping. Until recently, you were considered crazy if you intended to camp in the Dominican Republic. Yet it is...
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    Where Get Phyzer Booster In POP/Sposua?

    To get the 2nd dose of Phyzer, the 4th shot, do I go to Jumbo or somewhere else in POP/Sosua?
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    Care Center For Elderly In Sosua

    Care center for the elderly On Friday afternoon 11 February, a meeting was held in Café Tropical in Sosúa with investors to create a care center for the elderly in Sosúa. Present were Mayor Wilfredo Olivences and aldermen and from...
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    New Supermarket In Sosua

    A large supermarket has been added to Sosúa for some time now. In addition to Supermercado Playero, Supermercados US1 and Super Pola, Supermercado de la Cruz has been added. Supermercado de la Cruz...
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    Cruise Ships Bring Business To North Coast

    Puerto Plata welcomes cruise ships On 15 December last year, the cruise ship jetty in the port of Puerto Plata was festively inaugurated by President Luis Abinader...
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    Cruise Ships Good For North Coast Business

    Puerto Plata welcomes cruise ships On 15 December last year, the cruise ship jetty in the port of Puerto Plata was festively inaugurated by President Luis Abinader...
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    Sosua Amet News

    AMET active again in Sosúa It is early December and Christmas is approaching. AMET active again in Sosúa This means...
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    First Sosua Cabarete Well Dug

    28 November 2021 First well dug Vivir The first of the four wells is currently being dug in the area of ??El Choco by the water company...
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    1 AM Attack At STI

    Last night an arriving visitor was picked up at STI by a taxi from Sosua He was picked up about 1am and they started back to Sosua When a car appeared to be following them they first thought it was another new arrival, but then the car pulled alongside and man with a gun started firing. He...
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    Free WiFi In Maranatha

    Free WiFi for the Maranatha area "Thanks to Telecable La Unión, Telecable Delancer and Sosúa Rotary Club, free WiFi is now available for the Maranatha area. The chairman of the neighborhood committee Adalberto Mena solemnly...
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    Maybe Finally Hospital For Sosua

    Deputies support motion for a hospital resolution Delegates from the province of Puerto Plata have submitted a motion for a resolution to the senate for the construction of a hospital in Sosúa. For at least thirty years, the...
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    Professional Boxing At High Caribbean

    Professional boxing gala in High Caribbean On Saturday evening, October 16, the management of David's Plaza, in collaboration with the national boxing association, will hold a boxing gala in the High Caribbean disco. A selection of...
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    Westjet Returns

    WestJet flies again On Tuesday, October 5, for the first time since the corona pandemic, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft from Toronto Canada arrived at Puerto Plata airport. In November, there will be flights to Puerto Plata twice a...
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    Scott Teilhaber

    For the information of those who knew Scott, a long time resident of Sosua and previously active on DR1, he died yesterday of a heart attack
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    Sosua Beach Unions Want More Involvement

    Entrepreneurs on Sosúa beach do not feel heard Spokespersons for three trade unions criticized the government's plans for the restructuring of Sosúa beach. According to the spokespersons, including the Association of Craft...
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    Time To Move The Bars And Girls From Pedro Clisante

    Bars in Pedro Clisante lose lawsuit The owners of several bars, restaurants and hotels in the main street Pedro Clisante have lost a lawsuit against a municipal ordinance at the court in Puerto Plata. This lawsuit was also...
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    Eye Exam In Sosua/POP Area

    My vision has slowly been getting worse and suddenly it can't be ignored. I need an eye exam so I can get new glasses What are my choices in the Sosua/POP area for an eye exam?
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    North Coast Photo Opportunities

    I have been asked to suggest good photo opportunities on the North Coast. Your recommendations will be appreciated
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    Real estate market is booming on the north coast

    According to Rodney R. Brito Santos, a specialist in real estate law & corporate business, the real estate market on the north coast of the Dominican Republic is currently on the rise. Rodney R. Brito Santos...
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    Four Wells For Sosua And Cabarette

    Four wells for Sosúa and Cabarete The director Oliver Nazario Brugal of the water company CORAAPLATA received permission from President Luis Abinader on Sunday morning on the beach of Sosúa to build four wells in Sosúa and Cabarete...