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    Punta Cana bus to North Coast?

    If flying into Punta Cana and bussing to the North Coast, how long of a ride? Easy access to bus station from airport? Thanks
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    Tax ID Number renewal??

    Do you need to renew a Tax ID number? I bought a car a few years ago and got my tax number then. (RNC?) Once you have that number, is there a need for renewal? A lawyer is telling me yes and wants paid for the renewal. Once you have the number registered with them, it's done - correct?
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    Drone Video Needed

    I'm looking for somebody to take a Drone Video of a north coast shoreline property. Please let me know if you know somebody reliable. Thanks
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    Day Camp for Kids near Playa Dorada

    I have a client staying at Playa Dorada and are looking for a Day Camp for their 6 year old daughter. Preferably something near Playa Dorada. There used to be a kids Day Camp in Costambar - is that one still operational? Name? I know Sea Horse Ranch has a day camp,, but was hoping for...
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    Pine bed frames

    Looking for some simple inexpensive pine bed frames. Local guy, Sosua or Charimicos?
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    Vehicle Matricula number?

    Is there a way to find my vehicle matricula number somewhere online? I have someone doing the renewal for me while I'm stuck in the States, but the number on the copy in my car is unreadable. My original is somewhere in the house I am partially moved into. No idea where it is till I come...
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    Pig Roast ?

    Anybody had Pig Roast in the last year? What's the going rate? Small pig, about 8 people.
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    Wanted To Buy: Used Passola

    Looking for a used passola. I'm on North Coast, but would go as far as Santiago to check one out. Thanks
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    Glass Patio Accordion doors installed?

    Has anybody put in the Patio Accordion doors installed recently? Looking for a guestimate on pricing (square foot or Lineal foot guestimate pricing approx 8' tall) and/or names of vendors. Thanks
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    Where to buy Carbon Monoxide Detector POP

    Where can I find a Carbon Monoxide Detector on North Coast ? I've tried a few hardware stores.
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    Good cabana near airport?

    What's a good cabana for arriving late at STI?
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    Decent Bakery in Puerto Plata?

    Bagels or Muffins would be nice, but anything would be helpful. I need an upgrade from Jumbo.
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    Rent a convertible

    Where can I find a convertible or a soft top jeep wrangler for a monthly rent on the North Coast? Santiago if need be. Asking for a friend. Thx
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    Interweb SEO person

    Looking for a good web SEO person to clean up a website - with references from somebody on DR1. And preferably on north coast so I could meet. thanks
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    Steam Cleaner for upholstery

    Looking for somebody on North Coast (Puerto Plata to Sosua) to do fabric upholstery cleaning? Preferably with a steam cleaner. Thanks
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    Rough Sawn lumber wanted - oak or mahoganey

    I may have asked this once before. Where can I pick up some rough sawn lumber? I need oak or mahogany. Rough cut, live edge is fine. Saw mill locations? Thanks
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    Cabarete Doc Tatis?

    Dr Naurio Tatis in Cabarete 809-972-6602. Is this guy still working? Does anyone know if the number is still a good one? Thanks
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    Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

    Anybody know where I can get this stuff? I see it all over the place but can't find a store. It's a resin wicker and sectional.
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    George Foreman Grill at Jumbo or la Sirena?

    Anybody seen a George Foreman Grill at Jumbo or la Sirena? thanks
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    Looking for a decent photographer pop/sosua area. A hobbyist is fine, for about a half day work. Tanks in advance.