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    Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando -Stay away

    Recent stay at above mentioned property. The front door of the room did not lock and was easily pushed in. See attached photos. In addition the room was musty and the AC did not work . Big downfall as this once glorious property is now managed by Hodelpa(Dominican owned) made me feel like they...
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    Current state of Toque de Queda/ shutdowns/ curfews

    Can some please tell me what the current state of shutdowns and curfews are in the country?
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    Emergency Medical Care in DR

    Recently we heard about a couple in the news who were driving their rental car from Samana to Las Americas and experienced a horrific car accident. Killing one and seriously injuring another. The woman who was seriously injured was taken to the hospital and died several days later. Let me ask...
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    Medical Marijuana in DR

    Is it possible to travel to DR w a medical marijuana card/prescription and use, purchase and possess marijuana legally?
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    Food Safety Concerns From a food safety standpoint this video is a disaster. The chef is touching everything in the kitchen after handling raw chicken. No wonder everyone walks around w diarrhea down there.
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    UBER in Punta Cana/Bavaro

    Anyone have experience using the UBER service in this part of the island?
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    Air BNB vs. Smaller boutique Hotel Properties

    Can we get opinions on the advantages/disadvantages to using the Air BNB service vs Smaller boutique hotel properties in Santo Domingo. There are many now popping up and literally hundreds of Air BNB options around the city. We all know how great UBER is down there. Now Id like to get some...
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    Not a single post in this forum since 7/29

    Thanks to the moderators and ownership of these forums and the censorship they impart upon us. Noone wants to be censored and no one should be. I thought it was Cuba that was the communist country.
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    Alter Ego kills the forum again

    Ever since the thread about "More I visit less I like" was shut down 5 days ago there hasn't been a single post in this forum.
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    Jet Set Night Club- Foul odor in mens room

    Can anyone please tell me what this odor is. And why does it occur? Also why is it so foul?
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    Hotel Isabel La catolica Boutique

    I stayed in 3 rooms at this property recently. First the Felipe was very nice enough room in the bedroom and an awesome large bath. The first day there was a blackout and no running water, so there is that possibility staying at this type of property in Santo Domingo, however the rest of my stay...
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    Crime in Santo Domingo

    Lets talk about each ones experience with being victim of crime in Santo Domingo. Please everyone share your stories and lets make an effort to bring to light some of the problems that exist. Possible solutions and ways we can avoid becoming victims.
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    Shipping 55 inch flat panel TV

    Can anyone with experience tell me how this can be done effectively and what are my options? Thanks.
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    Very nice event in November- Colonial Fest

    Check it out I was there last year, you might even run into me again. great excuse to get down to the Colonial Zone.
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    Lets talk about crime in DR

    OK How many of you people out here on DR1 have been victims of crime. Please tell us as much about it as you are comfortable with. I personally promise not to blame the victim, I cannot speak for everyone though. Also did you feel that the police/authoroties were cooperative and helpful? What...
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    Forums are dead-I wonder why

    Not a post out here in two days, unfortunately just not a worthwhile venture any longer.
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    Safety continues to be a major concern for tourists visiting the Colonial Zone

    Here is a report recently posted by someone who stayed at the Aparta Hotel Roma II. feel free to draw your own conclusions. ?Be Prepared......Use Caution.....? Reviewed June 2, 2015 My friends and I have stayed at the Roma ll a total of 4 times. We like the price/location/staff are helpful. We...
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    The new colmado experience
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    Beware- Rampant Crime and Police Shakedowns confront tourists visiting Santo Domingo

    Sad to report that although continued efforts to improve DR's image as a safe -worry free tourist destination are being undermined by continued reports of rampant crime and police shakedowns. Recently a woman had her carry on bag stolen at of all places the "Finest" hotel in Santo...