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    Shipping oversized/expensive items

    Can anyone recommend companies for shipping oversized/expensive items? I am importing restaurant equipment such as 100 metal dining chairs, tables, etc.. I have imported car engines in the past but have long lost the contact with who I did that with.. Anyone have more recent experience that is...
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    Opening a pizza restaurant in Jarabacoa

    Any tips? This is my 4th restaurant in the DR so no warnings needed. Looking to make some relationships with people in the hospitality industry in Jarabacoa, DM or response here is fine.
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    Human Billboard advertising.. legality?

    Anyone know about legality with human billboard advertising in the DR? Seems like a pretty high investment to get into it just want to see if there's any laws concerning it.
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    Lookingfor dog trainer in Jarabacoa

    American bully is 8 months old, I'm allergic to dogs so I can't dedicate time to helping train him, we both work a lot and the dog is jumping all over us, we want to hire someone maybe 1-2 hours a week to help us train him.. we are willing to try but have no knowledge and I'm allergic so a 20...
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    Online Poker in based out of Santiago,

    We have tournaments daily of 30-40 players, pay out instantly, we can accept payments via paypal, ACH, western union, and credit card payments. We will offer a 50% rakeback to all members that join from this forum and a 5$ cash bonus on signup just for checking us out. Our club is backed by our...
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    How to cook a gourmet meal for under 1$ in Dominican Republic!

    My wife is starting a cooking channel on youtube and thought this might be a good place to share her video on how she cooks a gourmet meal for 2 for under 100 pesos.. check it out! In spanish BTW.
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    Looking to buy door trim in the DR Anyone seen this available in any stores in the DR, if not I'll have to bring it in myself..
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    Looking for donations/help for foundation #pormasniñosfelices

    Hello all, I am Thomas Castillo, owner of Ocio Gastropub in Santiago. I would like to present our foundation this year #pormasniñosfelices. It is an initiative a group of young businessmen/women have taken in Santiago looking to give xmas/dia de los reyes gifts to children who may not get any...
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    Looking to buy land in Jarabacoa

    Going to start building a home there and would like to buy land.. looking for something close to the city/schools, 3000 meters or so, in a safe area and not too close to neighbors.. got tired of the santiago social life and time for a change!!
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    Would like to have some DR1ers come to my restaurant and try us out!

    Hi everyone.. I just bought a restaurant in Los Jardines and I would love if some DR1ers would come out tonight and give us a try .. I will offer an additional 25% discount for today just for mentioning DR1 at the bar. This is my first time in the restaurant business and I would really love to...
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    Inverter board with capacitors for lowering electricity costs?

    I had a guy come over and offer me some sort of inverter board with capacitors and it supposedly lowers electricity bills by 50%. He says there is a guarantee of 30% lowering of electricity costs.. Anyone have something like this setup? Apparently it eliminates the spikes that cause rise of...
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    Wife is going to start growing plantains, any advice?

    Hi, We have a small finca of about 18 tareas and instead of letting it become overgrown my wife is going to grow plantains on it. I was running some numbers to check the viability of it and one number I've had a hard time finding is how many plantains one tree gives more or less and over what...
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    Fundacion Inmaculada Concepcion Hogar Emiliano Tardiff (Orphanage in Santiago visit!)

    Hi, I wanted to share some photos of our business's day at the orphanage in Santiago.. thanks a lot to Hillbilly for the recommendation and if anyone has other recommendations for where our company can help in the Santiago area we have a fund that we have created to do things like this on a...
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    Fish in DR

    Hi guys.. I'm a very amateur fish eater.. just started after 30 years of only eating shrimp/lobster.. On my recent trip to Miami I had some great mahi mahi, red snapper etc but I feel everything here in the DR pales in comparison.. rubbery, weird texture, not great flavor dunno just different...
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    Things to bring back from the US

    Hi.. I'm going to the US tomorrow for 7 days and so far all I know I need to bring back is a couple of laptops.. Anything else you guys recommend buy in the states because of pricing in the DR.. been working on creating a list but since I can import anything under 200$ fairly cheap I haven't...
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    Traveling to the US and need to get a chip/data plan for iphone

    Anyone know how I can get a simcard/data plan for an iPhone ? I am traveling for 7 days and would like to have internet/ability to make some calls while in Florida.. thanks in advance.
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    New Business in Santiago that helps customers sell their items!!

    Hi everyone.. I wanted to let you all know about a business that I started here in Santiago with 3 other partners.. We help people sell their unwanted items and offer the service of listing it on 13 different ecommerce sites in the DR and over 10 facebook groups that we run locally. If a buyer...
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    Question about advertising a business on DR1

    I have created a new business that I believe a lot of members on DR1 would be interested in using and I was wondering how to go about advertising on the site.. Thanks.. I've advertised homes before but never had a service and am a little confused about where to post.
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    Traveling by cruise ship..

    There is a similar thread posted but my question is whether or not it's possible to travel from anywhere in the DR to Miami via a cruise ship? I don't like flying so was wondering if there was another option available.
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    Looking for Executive Assistant to a e-commerce company

    We have been in business for 2 years and are looking to expand our team. This position has huge growth potential and we give out yearly bonuses to top performers. Looking for someone in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Work is 40 hours a week and consists of being an assistant to a growing...