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    Best beaches for children

    So we are looking into visiting again this year.  Planning summer of 2018. However, while I enjoy hanging out with my Dominican family I also want to spend at least a week on the beach with the kids. So I am looking for recommendations on the best beaches for kids. 1. Shallow water 2. Sun...
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    Cuban Cigar Box Opening at Velero Beach Resort August 3rd 2016

    What, when and where? An opportunity to smoke some good aged Cuban cigars right here on the North Coast, at the Velero Beach Resort on August 3rd 2016! The boxes to be opened contain the following cigars: Hoyo de Monterrey ? Epicure No.1 from 2008 Cohiba ? Exquisitos from 2001 To accompany...
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    Elective surgery on the NC

    Dear fellow DR1-ers, To be honest I am not sure if this is the correct venue for this delicate matter. Recently I have received a request if I know of any medical doctors on the NC with experience in reconstructive surgery with regards to the female birthcanal. Apparently the girl was small...
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    Silly joke?

    Three strangers strike up a conversation in the airport passenger lounge in Bozeman, Montana, awaiting their flights. One is an American Indian passing through from Lame Deer. Another is a Cowboy on his way to Billings for a livestock show and the third passenger is a fundamentalist Arab...
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    irelands most wanted driver

    Finally caught him: BBC News - The mystery of Ireland's worst driver
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    Location of the rental agencies @ Las Americas Airport

    I know there is a row of them located just before you exit the doors to the main hall... I was wondering if there was any way to pick up a rental car @ the airport when not arriving on a flight, but being dropped of and then picking up a car.. Anybody has any experience on this?
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    Good excursion to Pico Duarte

    Does anybody have reliable info on a trekking/hiking company that organises trips to hike up Pico Duarte?
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    Proces for Caoba bedroog set

    I've been offered The opportunity to buy a Caoba bedroog set, consisting of a bed, two bedside tables and a headpiece, two matresses and vanity. Any suggestions on how much I should spend on it?
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    Interesting story

    Man faces multiple charges in alleged bogus marriage scam - Montreal - CBC News
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    Soliciting opinions on a audacious request I've just received

    Recently I've received the request to become padrino at the wedding of a once-removed cousin of my wife (he is the son of a daughter of my mother-in-law).. Here are the circumstances: 1. I've known him for 5 years and he's never asked me for anything 2. The family lives closeby and we see each...
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    The Dilemma of the Newbies

    Request for a poll This board has a lot of influx of new members who start threads on subjects already discussed in extenso. They usually revolve around: 1. Drugs 2. Sextourism 3. Religion 4. Racism Answers to most of these questions can usually be found when using the search function. I...
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    Finca advice appreciated

    As you may or may not know, I've been married to my Dominican wife about a year now... this is still the same woman who figured in this thread: As part of the ongoing Dominicanization of the family I am currently looking...
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    Checklist: Am I at risk in the Dominican Republic

    Due to the amount of threads regarding accidents/crime in the Dominican Republic (DR), one might wrongfully get the impression that the DR is very unsafe. Please note that most tourists are never in any real danger and enjoy a perfectly fine holiday in the DR without encountering any problems...
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    WBC - round 1

    Netherlands - DR 3 -2 Things are looking good for us Dutchies
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    concerts/fiestas last week of the year 2007

    Ok, just kicking this one off.. On the North Coast the program has been: 23rd - Elvis Martines @ Tipico Azucar, Montellano 26th - Zaccarias Ferreira @ Chicas Car Wash, Cabarete 28th - Raulin Rodrigues @ Tipico Tropical, Gaspar Hernandes 29th - Anthony Santos @ Rancho Tipico, Peurto Plata 30th...
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    Older/Younger partnerships

    After reading the other thread I thought to myself it never stops.. there a plenty reasons to want a younger partner.. One reason to want a younger partner could be to increase the possibilities of having healthy babies.. I do believe that older women have smaller chances of bearing healthy...
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    English classes wanted!

    Hi, I am looking to resolve the following: I am looking for a way to have two Dominican girls become proficient English speakers. Prior to coming to Europe for a holiday the girls have attended 'officially licensed courses' and 'home teaching classes'.. These classes while relatively cheap...
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    2 Dominicana's see europe for the summer

    So far so good.. this is a follow-up to the France trip report I posted earlier.. Right now there a 2 very unhappy males in Holland.. we put the girls back on the plane yesterday, saying our goodbeyes after a long and very sweet summer with the four of us.. If there is an interested I will...
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    Trip to France

    A friend and I have invited our Dominican girlfriends over to Holland for the summer. One of the events up to now is a trip to France, a very positive experience, which a wise bearded person on this board, who lives in the hills (also known as the patrion saint of serious visitors to the DR)...
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    Border Patrol

    Two border patrol agents are at the border of Haiti and the DR on a scorching summer day. The air conditioning is out in their truck, so they are trying to take refuge from the sun under the only tree in the area. All of a sudden, they see three Haitian men jumping the fence into the DR. Neither...