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    Pesos or Dollars - Another Dominican scam

    I am sure everyone that uses an American credit card (3 times I've got my money back when stores and rental car agencies scammed me and I got charges reversed) has seen the credit card processor machine at the grocery store that asks if you want the transaction is pesos or dollars. This prompt...
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    Importing a Car

    Has anyone tried to import a car recently.. I am interested in taxes (since I am not exempt as a politician is) and shipping cost. I know several years ago, they were taxing cars, even if "Made in America". I was told at the time, they are not supposed to tax but still did.
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    Conversion from Temporary to Permanent Status

    I submitted my documents exactly 30 days before they expired, as you cannot submit earlier. They actually gave me a very quick appointment date (WOW) and I paid the fees online same day. On the day of my appointment I went and did the medical exam. That was September. The DGM website says...
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    Maritime/Amazon shipper in PC

    I just received a ridiculous price for a very small box maritime that weights 55 pounds from CPS. 1' X 1' X 2' Any other suggestions?? CPS is currently charging 239 pesos per pound for regular stuff? Any better options?
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    DR1 Hacked

    Today I received a "dark web" alert about an email and password hack. Going to the website and putting in my email... shows that the hack has been of The hack is called Cit0day Here is more information about this hack from
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    Banco Popular and Paypal Problem

    As most know, you can transfer money from Paypal to BP. I do this for my Airbnb payments. Just an an FYI,,, those jerks are now charging $15, instead of $10. Anything to get the gringo tp pay. But I digress. But thats not my question. The money that Airbnb sends is from Paypal...
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    Banco Popular and Paypal

    Is anyone else having a problem? I have tried for 2 days to move money and just get this. En estos momentos su requerimiento no pudo ser atendido. Por favor trate más tarde. Of course these idiots are not answering phones, didnt respond to email, and the chat is non-operable.
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    Vet in Punta Cana?

    Does anybody have a good vet in Bavaro / Punta Cana area? I wasn't too impressed with the one on Calle Kiev (Clinica Animal) when I drove up to it. If not, in Santo Domingo.
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    Apparent new requirement for tempoary renewals

    It seams the goal posts have been moved again. I submitted the online renewal and was asked to submit the FBI background check paperwork with apostle from when I obtained the original visa. This originals were kept by the Dominican consulate and the company doing the checks cannot legally...
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    Temporary Residence Insurance

    Does anyone have a working link to either of the two companies that offer the insurance? I can not find an online link for one company and the others website is apparently down. All links from other forums don't work either.
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    Paypal and Banco Popular Problem

    I recently attempted to transfer funds from my USA Paypal account into my Banco Popular DR account. A message popped up in spanish claiming the link with my BP accounts to Paypal has expired. So I attempt to renew the linkage. BP requires you to enter your paypal email address and hit continue...
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    Paypal and Banco Popular problem

    Is anyone else having a problem with transferring money? I successfully linked my account 2 weeks ago. No problem but when I go to transfer money I get a 1801 error code. This is after going through all the screens and inputting the token code on the final screen. Paypal says there is no...
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    Cat and her food through Customs

    In bringing a cat through customs, I understand it is necessary to have a letter from a USDA certified vet that the cat is in good health. Anything else? Are you able to ship a bag of sealed cat food through a mundanza or bring it with you in a suitcase?
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    Looking for long term beach condo rental in Cabarte

    I am looking for a long term rental in the Cabarete beach area while I decide if I want to buy. I am moving on Jan 1 2016. Thanks
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    Obtaining Medical Certificate for Residency in Miami/South Florida

    Does anyone know who the DR consulate authorizes to issue a certificate in South Florida?
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    Moving stuff questions

    I will be moving Jan 1 and intend on staying a while. I am in the process of getting the papers together for a residency visa. Flying down AA, I am able to take 3 checked bags. After that it gets expensive. What is the best way to get the rest of my stuff down there so I don't have to pay...
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    Residency Visa questions

    I am moving Jan 1 and would like to have the residence visa when I arrive. From the DR Embassy website it says Criminal Record Certificate issued by the appropriate authorities of the country in which the person resides at the time of application.... Is this just the local police department...