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    Is Pseudoephedrine available in-country?

    Found an old thread, but nothing since 2007. I have found diphenhydramine at the pharmacy, but that makes you drowsy. I'm in Bavaro, but I know people who go to SD on the regular, but where can I get Pseudoephedrine for my allergies? (fellas, please stay on topic; I know it's tough for some of you)
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    Batteries sweating and leakage

    I've got rechargeable AAs and over the past year, almost all of them have started to sweat, and at least corrode some of the charger contacts. Is it smarter to keep using rechargables and simply be prepared to buy a new charger every year, or switch back to Duracells/Energizers and call it a...
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    Learn to quote, people!!!

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates when people quote an entire multi-page message, only to leave a 2-line (or less) response at the bottom, and reference absolutely none of the context quoted. However, if I *am* the only one who hates it, please feel free to ignore this post and carry...
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    Vacuum cleaner needed

    Where can I buy a decent vacuum cleaner in the Bavaro area? Super Lama seems to only have the little hand-held Dirt Devil clone and Corropio in san Juan had none at all. I know power is the killer of all things here, but having a decent one shipped via Amazon is ~$100 in shipping alone.
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    Counterfeit $500 RD notes

    Well that did not take long at all: Mira Como Identificar Un Billete Falso de $500
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    Getting a watch resized

    Would any of the watch stores in San Juan or Palma Real be able to resize my metal watchband, or is there someplace more appropriate to have this done?
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    Hotel needed for week of 24 November

    Hola! I'm looking for a hotel recommendation (non-AI) for Thanksgiving week. It's for 1 person, but I will be meeting up with local friends and may want to bring them on-site for drinks or dinner. I'd prefer a hotel with some form of nightclub w/music on-prem, and I'm not staying in an...
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    Drain cleaner

    Is there something akin to Draino available here in DR? My sink and tub are slow-drainers and I know the sink is because of food-stuff over the years. Tub probably due to something similar. I'd rather not bring it back from the States with me, but if it's not available here I'll have to.
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    Taxes on shipments under $200 US

    Looks like it's here for some of us in mid-August; got this email from JetPack today: "Estimados Clientes: A trav?s de la presente les queremos informar que en el d?a de ayer 29 de julio del 2014, la Direcci?n General de Aduanas en las personas del Ing. Gregorio Lora, el Lic. Gavino Polanco y...
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    Steve's Corner Bar renovations

    Anyone been to Steve's cerca Plaza Bavaro in the last month or so? I like the new, longer bar; not sure I like the new corner where you can only get in or out the one way, but overall I think the changes are for the better.
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    Need a 55 gallon steel drum

    I'm looking to build a smoker (UDS) and need a 55 gallon drum with the lid. It has to be either new or used only for food, as metals are porous and whatever toxic "stuff" can leech into the inner wall, making any food cooked not safe to eat. Yes, I know I can simply buy a charcoal or gas...
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    Cat care: does no one actually keep their cat indoors?

    I'm having trouble finding the following in Punta cana/Bavaro: Clumping cat litter A litter pan to keep it in I've seen cats around, but they were clearly outdoor cats. I've been to Iberia, Super Lama, and Super Pola. Only Super Lama carries non-clumping litter, and none of them have a pan to...
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    Tools and printer paper

    I'm in PC and find myself in need ot a screwdriver (preferably powered) and a ream of printer paper. Any leads in either El Cortecito, Friusa, or in/near Palma Real?
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    El Pulpo Cojo reborn?

    Anyone know if they are rebuilding or is it just gone? That was my favorite restaurant; much more casual than Jellyfish and a pretty good steak.