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    Some Cognac Questions

    Suggest you visit El Catador....they stock exquisite cognacs.... The Remy Martin XO is $14,500 pesos
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    Need Recommendation from computer pros

    Thoroughly recommend Microsoft Surface Pro machines.....can handle anything
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    Stick to Islay whiskies if you prefer smoke flavours
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    Restaurants Santo Domingo

    La Bottega Fratelli. C. Pablo Casals.....809562 6060......finest Italian restaurant in this country
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    Need urologist in puerta plata

    The finest urologist in the RD is located in Santiago,,,, ,Dr. Rafael Estrelle.....3rd Floor Union Medico......809 241 0298
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    Amazon Shipments Blocked

    Vimenpaq also blocked and an Amazon rep confirmed to me that it was a temporary glitch and that the account would return to normal this afternoon, Monday 1st March
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    Best way to Jarabacoa from Cabarete

    The restaurants are El Caffeto and El Molina de la Cumbre
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    international calls

    In the UK Lloyds Banking Group is prohibited from calling international numbers not even senior managers are permitted.
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    Need to download your vaccination certificate?

    I completed the entire process in half an hour this morning and downloaded my vaccination certificate in both jpg and pdf it's on the phone.....very simple process but did not try to image my cedula vertically but horizontally.......job done hope it helps me to travel easier
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    UK scraps red list as of Monday

    So how do we Ex-Pats get back into the UK even if fully vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine? I would welcome any advice you could give me.
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    BREAKING NEWS : Republica Dominicana to remain on the red list for UK travellers.

    Do you have any info regarding the UK's acceptance of the Sinovac vaccine? I presume they will want passengers to exhibit proof of vaccination.
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    Dentists, implants current situation

    Dental Cibao in Santiago will provide you with a free consultation and quote.....this is a world class practise
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    Santiago internet speed ???

    Using Claro in Santiago and get 106MB download and 15MB upload constantly
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    Health Insurance….again

    I was 69 when I bought my first plan from Humano..... I have a great broker who has connections within Humano
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    Health Insurance….again

    I am 74 and have Plan Max with Humano
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    Puerto Plata restaurant recommendations

    La Roka is the address
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    Puerto Plata restaurant recommendations

    Los Tres Cocos for international quality food.....La Roka, Cofresi
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    Car Painting Santiago

    Auto Pinturs Robles on Autopista Duarte
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    Upscale Restaurant in SD

    La Bottega de Fratelli
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    Naca'n Restaurant; the best meat of the DR

    Plaza Alterra in Jarabacoa takesn some beating for quality and price