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    BBC online Spanish beginners course

    For those starting learning Spanish, the BBC has a new online beginner level course: BBC Languages - Learn Spanish - Mi Vida Loca . It looks slick, fun, and probably effective too. And it's free. It is Iberia-focused, but at beginner level that shouldn't be an issue.
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    'Barrio' - a dominicanismo?

    I did a search for 'barrio' in the Spanish101 section, and lots of references to 'barrio' as in 'barrio Spanish' vs. 'correct' Spanish, but what about the word barrio itself? Is the negative connotation a dominicanismo? I knew that while in the DR 'barrio' and 'being from a barrio' has a...
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    Which is the largest tourist attraction?

    I would like to know what the largest single attraction (a resort, museum, building, etc.) in number of visitors per year is, and how many visitors it gets. Ocean World, Playa Dorada, Higuey Basilica, any ideas, factual information, educated guesses?
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    Santo Domingo city centre to PUJ airport

    I've searched the forum and there are zillions of threads about getting from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana, but they all seem to be focused on getting from the capital or SDQ to Bavaro, the resort area. I need to get from SD city centre to the Punta Cana airport. I suppose the Bavaro Express goes...
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    Into Haiti

    Over the last couple of years people have constantly been warned not to travel to Haiti, and because of the safety situation, rightly so. But, recently things have changed in Haiti, significantly. Last week I had an interview with the highest ranked representative of the UN in Haiti, who...
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    Original spanglish cocktails

    Seen last sunday at a local festival in Ocoa. Check out cocktail number three. And number four, in the sidipley category.
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    Presidente owned by Heineken?

    I just came across something peculiar. On its website Heineken has a list of their brands per country. For the Dominican Republic they present 'Heineken' and 'Presidente'. And among the list of their breweries is Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana. :confused: Is Presidente owned by Heineken?
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    Spanish literature for beginners

    With a number of Spanish literature afincionados around, and a good number of people that at some point passed through the phase of being 'intermediate level' Spanish speakers, this seems a good place to ask for tips for relatively easy-to-read, clear-written books in Spanish. I would love to...
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    Dry cleaners in Santo Domingo?

    Could anyone recommend a reputable dry cleaner's in Santo Domingo you would trust with a good suit?
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    Press Freedom index, DR 52nd, USA 53rd

    Reporters without Borders just published it's annual World Press Freedom Index (Reporters sans fronti?res - Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index - 2006). The Dominican Republic is ranked 52nd of the world, above the US at 53rd. (Haiti gets a special mentioning as fast climber compared to last...
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    I was looking at a picture I shot in May and on it is an election campaign poster stating: '... ... "el senador sin cola"'. What does cola mean here? I know it means 'tail' normally, and based on the way politics in the Dominican Repubic works I can think of meanings, but that's just...
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    Drink driving law enforcement?

    There are lots of reports and discussions about the enforcement of the law that restricts the opening hours of establishments that sell alcohol. Or at least, that part of the law, because the same anti-crime law also included a section on drinking and driving, and even the transportation of...
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    Place to watch football Barcelona vs Arsenal in SD

    I'm in Santo Domingo this month, El Millon to be precise, and although I'm not too much attached to anything from back home, I would not want to miss the Champions League final the 17th of May, Bergkamp's last match. So, what is a good place to watch football/soccer in Santo Domingo?
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    Planning Samana activities

    For a weekend visit to Samana I'm trying to figure out which activities to do in about two days. I've searched the forum extensively, and there's lots of information on Samana activities, but not much on how long they take. We'll be arriving in Las Terrenas friday afternoon by car (no yipeta)...
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    Research universities?

    I get the impression that most Universities in the Dominincan Republic, both the good and the not so good ones, tend to offer the more vocational kind of studies (medicine, law, business, etc.), and most of the faculty spend most of their time on teaching. Are there any universities that to any...
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    Experiences with Mi Vista in Jarabacoa?

    Does anyone have experiences with staying at the Mi Vista Mountain Resort close to Jarabacoa? It seems a very pleasant place to stay for a weekend retreat. They have a website,, and reply quickly to e-mails, so it does exist, but I can't find any visitor experiences, not on...
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    Transport Jarabacoa-Constanza

    Does anyone know whether there are any guaguas, publicos or any other type of more or less regular transport going from Jarabacoa to Constanza over the direct mountain road (I think the nr. 28)? And if so, how long do they take to get there?
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    Santo Domingo Language school experiences

    I wondered whether anyone has experiences with Spanish language schools in Santo Domingo, or heard from people who went there. Hispaniola and Instituto Intercultural del Caribe look the most professional, perhaps there's others, but does anyone know something about the quality of their lessons...
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    Bicyle rental in Santo Domingo

    Bicycle rental in Santo Domingo Hi, does anyone know a place to rent a bicycle in Santo Domingo itself? And, yes I've been there before and know what the traffic is like.