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    While this forum is Spanish 101, I'd like to bring up an article in the Washington Post about a carpet cleaner who speaks 24 languages. Why? You may ask. Well, it may encourage some readers of this forum who are learning Spanish as much as it encourages me to learn the language of Macron...
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    Teach your kids to count

    Prove to your kids you have 20 fingers: El que dice 'uno', dice dos dice tres dice cuatro dice cinco dieciséis diecisiete dieciocho diecinueve veinte
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    Spanish play on words

    Lazy fish Q. ¿Qué hace el pez perezoso? A. Nada Arachno-cat Q. ¿Cuál es el animal que es de dos animales? A. El gato... porque es gato y araña. Last animal on Noah's Ark Q. ¿Cuál fue el último animal en entrar al arca de Noé? A. El delfín
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    The Fires of Jubilee - Dominican style

    As kids, we used to see '1J4' spray-painted on walls, and we pronounced it as such: UNO, JOTA, CUATRO. We would later learn about la gesta gloriosa de Constanza, Maimón, y Estero Hondo. 1J4: 14 de junio "...Trujillo and the horse he rode in on." Dislike away, tirano lovers and revisionistas...
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    Prime Minister Miguel Vargas?

    Prime Minister Miguel Vargas, as read in today's DR1 Foreign Minister is more like it.
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    Spoken Dominican Spanish

    Fulano: "?T?guere, t? be ese pariguayo con el poloch? belde?" Mengano: "?El ke ta al lao del guachim?n?" Fulano: "S?, ese mimito. Bueno, as? como t? lo be, ese tipo tiene cualto." Mengano: "?De beld??" Fulano: "Pue claro. Su pap? era pelotero en grande liga." Mengano: "Oye a ete. ?y e'...
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    Happy birthday, Chiri
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    A Festivus for the rest of us

    Happy Festivus to Chiri, greydread, the gorgon, Derfish, Windeguy, y para el estimable caballero, pollogringo, and to all free-thinkers and brights who can't post in the Off-Topic forum yet:
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    Lame Dominican joke

    So there's a Dominican at the U.S. Consulate, el d?a de la cita. El c?nsul asks, "?Entonces usted querer viajar a Estados Unidos?" S? se?or, yo querer viajar a Estados Unidos. C?nsul: "?Y querer usted vivir y querer trabajar en Estados Unidos?" "S? se?or, yo querer vivir y querer trabajar...
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    Has Pujols used PEDs?

    According to Jack Clark, yes: Albert Pujols says he will sue Jack Clark over false accusations - ESPN
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    Star Wars Day

    May the 4th be with you all day today.
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    Einstein, Newton, and Pascal

    Einstein, Newton, and Pascal are hanging out together, but Einstein is bored and suggests they play a game of hide-and-seek. Einstein says, "OK, I'm it," and starts counting to 10 Pascal takes off running. Newton stays put, and with a piece of chalk, draws a 1 meter by 1 meter box around him...
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    He is everywhere!

    He is everywhere... in the heavens and Earth. He makes the stars shine, yet He cannot be seen. He is noble, abundant, and fills the universe. He can lift you into the sky and bring you gently down. He can take many forms. He can heal. He can kill. He can help create, and He can help destroy...
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    ?En qu? se parece una silla a un tren del viejo oeste? En que el tren pasa por Kansas City, y la silla por si te cansas. Hey, AfricaBaby, dile al agua 'e vaso lo que yo le digo al agua 'e coco: "M?tame, agua 'e coco." Y dile a la silla lo que yo le digo a la mecedora: "M?teme el amor...
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    Colbert does Rubio

    Second video: State of the Rubio - gotta watch the last minute!
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    Ayn Bran cereal
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    Hating on Obama

    Oh, the People Who Hate You! They do not like you, Barack Obama Whether on a train, a plane, or a lama They do not like you shooting skeet Thet do not like you eating meat They do not like you drinking beer Or even if you roped a steer They won't like you with the monster trucks Because, young...
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    Ram?n Orlando

    El maestro Ram?n Orlando, sax great Crisp?n Fern?ndez, trumpet extraordinaire Kaki Ru?z
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    Lance Armstrong cries

    I bet I can make Lance Armstrong cry: Knock! Knock! Lance: "Who's there?" Boo Lance: "Boohoo. I'm sorry, Oprah. I'm sorry I lied. Boohoo."
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    I have arrived

    On January 9th I went to el Seibo(ei Serbo for compensating cibae?os), and when getting off the bus, a motoconcho driver yelled, "D?MELO, RUBIO!" Now, I'm not even close to being white or rubio. In fact, I'm the opposite: a morenito, and not of the cepillao variety. Thinking back, I should've...