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  1. Buffness

    Luis Abinader is The Richest President in Latin America

    There it is ! I doubt if anyone bothered to look for the “stash” . 🤔🤫
  2. Buffness

    Need Recommendation from computer pros

    My two cents? …from experience….stay away from HP … built with cheap materials etc …go with Dell …a good refurbished Dell is way better than a new HP IMO ….Others may beg to differ.
  3. Buffness

    Current electricity cost in Bavaro, Punta Cana

    It depends . There is a thread here somewhere about the cost of electricity . Someone said their bill showed…. 43 kWh at 7.81 = 1562.15 pesos Edenorte But in Bavaro ( actual bills) we paid in RD$ 254.40 kWh at 14.79 - 3762.58 -CEPM - December 2021 Latest bill from a friend’s Airbnb in...
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    What Dominican Airlines Have You Used?

    This is so informative for us younger generation . Thank you . Never heard of Carlos Cruz .🇩🇴😢..or the general ...or the airline . Had us on Google and Wikipedia for a while . 🤓
  5. Buffness

    newbie with a bunch of questions on the way

    Yup ! All of the above ....lost money trying to import a 2006 car ....sentimental reasons ...😩....long story ....couldn't question...
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    Trying to emerge from the dark ages

    Just to give an idea of the possibilities , here is the current set up for live TV at the Buffness household : Airtv ...streamed from US house > DR > Free/month > live local US FTA 🇺🇸 TIVO ...streamed from US house > DR > Free/month > live local US FTA 🇺🇸, still not sure why we have this ...
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    U.S. Phone Number That is NOT VOIP??

    Depends on your iPhone model . You can have dual sim with the newer models of iPhones as Apple explained here : And it works too . My old iPhone XR has a UK SIM card + US eSim …Miesposa’s iPhone 13 has a Dominican SIM card and eSim from one other...
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    U.S. Phone Number That is NOT VOIP??

    Hmmm 🤔…We were just talking about this yesterday. Try an eSim .. …its basically just a virtual version of a US SIM card. If you Google ‘eSim USA’ and if you have a compatible phone you can find and choose a provider and be up and running with a non voip US number . We chose ‘mintmobile ‘...
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    If you didn’t get a traffic fine in 2021, you are the exception

    Ticket? What ticket ?…..I remember back in 2005, still new to DR …got stopped by policía in a rental car….policía requested to see licence and insurance for the car ….no problemo…..gave it to him …only for us to find that the rental car company had an old photocopied expired insurance...
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    News in forums

    Yes , agreed, but DR1 on IG ? 🤔🤔 Hmmm , IG may be too dynamic and fast moving for DR1 …and could need too much effort to keep up…. For our ( younger) generation , at least, IG is where we go to find and follow local Dominican businesses, DR news , upcoming local events, view posts from friends...
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    DGII says electronic invoicing will be enforced nationwide by 2025

    There it is ! For the other question or points raised …DR only has to look at how the system evolved in Chile , Mexico or Brazil ….
  12. Buffness

    I've been scammed

    This worked for us ..back in 2015…. when a car parts dealer in SD knowingly sent the wrong part for Miesposa’s car….and then decided …no returns , or refunds… and that he was going keep the $1,000USD she paid .Two months of back and forth …police …abogado….trying to reason with him ?…nothing ...
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    DGII says electronic invoicing will be enforced nationwide by 2025

    Not so much micro managing, …more the tax authorities will now have a full view of companies‘ business transactions….from every angle… …transparency ….as one client once said “ you can’t run or hide…”😬🇩🇴🇧🇷 …
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    DGII says electronic invoicing will be enforced nationwide by 2025

    Yes, the business sets up their own system …. they take extracts from their system to send to the government platform…electronically .. which then sends the approval/certification/call it what you will …back to business’ system. Compliance basically is when the government has seen an approved...
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    DGII says electronic invoicing will be enforced nationwide by 2025

    No , many Latin American countries like Brazil , Mexico and Chile have this system already. DR is only now catching up after seeing the benefits in other countries …especially in terms of improving fiscal control and reducing high rates of tax evasion . The way it works, basically, is that...
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    Coldplay performs in Santo Domingo

    Clips on IG and Twitter - #coldplaysantodomingo . Hashtag . Christmas present. Very Happy wife . Nuff said.
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    plz help me understand my dominican gf

    There it is !… Next !!
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    Self Storage Units in Punta Cana/Bavaro?

    Naves Bavaro ? Someone at Miesposa’s office mentioned seeing one advertised on IG ….located at Av. Barceló around where Gold Gym is located….
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    Finally!: Google Street View vehicles arrive in the Dominican Republic

    We’ve seen them once or twice on the 106 Punta Cana 23000 road …and if you look at the Google Maps for this road , they seem to have good 360 degrees street views of the road ..…most probably taken on a Sunday …during the lockdown…in partnership with CEPM…judging by the vehicle….
  20. Buffness

    It is getting harder to steal cell phones in the DR

    Miesposa had a similar experience in SD , 2016 …long story…so , now …her DR phone is a Xiaomi Redmi phone that she got in Mexico…worth about $100 tops …her iPhone stays at home…