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    Major maintenance works: New airport runway and bridge overhaul for Puerto Plata

    Does anyone know if they will open tomorrow as planned? Nothing in this country happens on time. I have a friend going out on flight out of POP tomorrow.
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    House ucranians

    My Ukranian friend who lives in Punta Cana is helping the refugees, she speaks Spanish. Send me a private message and I will put you in touch.
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    Vacation rental: how much up front?

    Thanks for the responses, I truly didn’t know what the norm is.
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    Vacation rental: how much up front?

    For many years I have helped friends find a hotel or villa in our area near Samaná, but this time I referred a friend to an agent who finds vacation properties. The friend needed a 2-bedroom for a month. The agent found a property for my friend, and I thought all went well. However, now my...
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    Public Bus Attack

    Not good. Dos hombres asaltan autobús lleno de pasajeros que iban de Santo Domingo a Samaná | Noticias SIN
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    Best Place to buy a Washing Machine

    Is that even possible? I am searching now, and every single one has a digital panel.
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    Haitian 2021 Earthquake & Response

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    Water Filtration Systems

    We had the UV light, but with the power fluctuations we have burned out 2 UV lights already. Any suggestions?
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    Satellite internet?

    I live in Las Terrenas and I am in negotiations to accept a job to teach specialized online IT courses. I already have Claro fibre-optic installed in my house. It is quite stable, but every once in a while a truck hits a line somewhere and we go without internet for a day or two. This is not an...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR If you open it in chrome, it translates the article to English for you.
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    This is terrible. Does anyone know if Puna Cana airport is like this too?
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    Water shortage in Las Terrenas - Uhhhh!

    We have been without city water here in LT for over 5 days now. Our tinaco ran out 3 days ago, and we are really suffering. I can’t believe they can just choose not to send water for so many days. This is disgusting, we can’t shower or do our dishes! Does anyone know when we are supposed to...
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    Labrador Retriever Breeder in DR?

    Our 14-year old dog died a few months ago and now we're ready to start thinking about getting a new puppy. Does anyone know of a labrador breeder? We actually want a black lab. We're in the Samana area, but we could travel to the capital or maybe other areas of the island. 
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    Las Terrenas hospital: 4 doctors accused  Sorry I couldn't find the article in English 
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    Anyone brought in puppy without rabies vaccine?

    We have friends that just had beautiful puppies and we were hoping to purchase one to bring back to our home in DR. The problem is that we will be travelling from Toronto to Samana when the puppy is only 8 weeks old. The official rules from DR is that dogs brought in must have rabies shots at...
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    Internet in Limòn?

    I have friends that are thinking of moving to Limòn (between Las Terrenas and Samaná). Does anyone know if high-speed internet has arrived there yet? They would need stable internet, not just a USB-type Orange internet. 
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    Has anyone found TENS machine in DR?

    We really need to buy a TENS unit today. (TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, it's a medical device that gives you small shocks on your skin to forget your pain) We have a friend travelling to the capital this morning, so any medical supply store phone number would help.
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    Wanted: HOUSE to rent

    We are two couples from Canada coming to DR for 3 months. (January 13-April 12/06) We need a clean house or townhouse to rent in Santiago/Puerto Plata/area with at least two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and security bars on the windows. We also need internet, which apparently we can sign up for as...
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    Samana internet

    We are planning to move to DR within the next year, and we will definitely need a reliable internet connection. Our top choice of city is Samana. We are wondering if anyone can tell us:(1)How reliable the internet is there, and (2)How reliable the electricity is there (we would get an...