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  1. marcosalm


    Please help!!!! Hope I'm posting this in the right forum! I live here in Santiago for 5 years now. I am pretty computer illiterate but read the forums daily.....I am a US military veteran and applied for further compensation from the VA for my disabilities. I have received an examination...
  2. marcosalm

    Las Terrenas

    Hi all, I live in Santiago and have a large family group visiting, they have planned a day trip to Las Terrenas TOMORROW 30 December!!!! Looking for last minute suggestions for beach, food, and maybe an attraction. They've never been there and it's over 20 years for my wife and I. I know it's...
  3. marcosalm

    Cash personal check in Santiago?

    Hi all, does anyone know where I might be able to cash a personal check from B of A in the US????? Thanks