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  1. Buffness

    Dominican Football (Soccer) Season 2020

    Not that anyone in the DR cares but ...Dominican Football ( ) season started on Friday....⚽ Soccer ...from any huge in the our household...seeing that miesposa is half Brazilian ...and she grew up with a soccer coach father ...who , by the way , wants to come to the DR...
  2. Buffness

    Domestic violence in DR

    Our cleaning lady came to work bruised the other day .....she said she wasn’t feeling well... When miesposa spoke with her ...she told miesposa that she had an argument with her husband ....and that he, basically , beats her ... She said that things has got worse during COVID .... Before COVID...
  3. Buffness

    Aduana Purchases

    This is how your Customs taxes and fees was spent . Just a little reminder for the next time that you that have to pay fees and taxes to Aduana. GOOGLE TRANSLATION OF THE ARTICLE ...
  4. Buffness

    Forming a company in DR

    I know that there is a well written guide on how to form a company in DR here in DR1 ...but can someone please share their ACTUAL experience of doing this...( in particular registering a Dominican branch of a foreign company) it straightforward? ......which attorney would you...
  5. Buffness

    Best Sliced Bread in DR?

    ....So far we think it's LUMIJOR 'Premium Quality''s the closest we could find to Hovis , Warbuton etc .. Makes a great sandwich ..stays soft for a day or two ..but looses its taste ( or goes sour) after a while .... Any other good sliced bread brands in DR?
  6. Buffness

    Thanks DR1 for your advice! Follow up to “Poor areas near Punta Cana”

    OK , so this is an update to my earlier post ‘Poor areas near Punta Cana ‘ and for those who are interested in how it all went …here goes… First of all, thank you all (especially dv8 and Chirimoya) for your valuable advice …. We followed a lot of the good advice offered in the earlier post… Let...
  7. Buffness

    Poor areas near Punta Cana

    For my bithday , coming soon , I am thinking of giving food gifts to the poor . For example , go to an Almacen to buy , rice, beans , milk , oil,  avena, etc in bulk and distribute them in individual bags to the poor . The intention is to give to the needy not the greedy . My questions are  1...