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  1. Sailor51

    Places to stay ...(AKA, help)

    Didn't know what else to call this so there it is. For those who do not know, I am a cruiser. And the D.R. is hot on my list of must see places. Possibly to stay. So I'm looking for a marina that is not full of mega yachts and rich Euro's. That's all I can find on the net. Tourista's. I don't...
  2. Sailor51

    Moving to Punta Cana or Miches

    Hola to you. I'm not an X-pat yet but planning on it. Contract terminates in March. So .. This is the first thread I found concerning the area I would like to locate to. Punta Cana appears nice. Good marinas, golf courses. But cost? I had thought of Miches too. Seems simpler, less touristas from...
  3. Sailor51

    Curious me

    Hello all, new here and will be asking a lot of questions I should think. Firstly, I'm interested in the area around or between Puta Cana and Miches. Straight away, I'm interested in a marina (cheap) or anchorage (better). A smallish apt. or house to get off the boat. Me? I'm just an older...