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    New Beer Brewery Coming To AQUA-PARK IN JUAN DOLIO Specialty NEIPA (New England IPA) Does any one Like IPA it looks like all dominican beers are the Pilsner type.
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    American Investor in Juan Dolio aka Bancos de Arena San Pedro de Macoris Attacked by Thugs

    A group of thugs attacked an American Investor in Juan Dolio aka Bancos de Arena next to Los Delfines Aqua Park. The American Investor is in the process of Deslinde and Saneamiento of the property . The American Investor represents AOS Corporation; a Software and Solar Engineering Company...
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    Make Americans and Europeans Tax Exempt for 5 Years and Permanent Resident upon Arrival If they invest and Employ Dominicans

    1-Exempt from transfer taxes when they purchase a property 2-Exempt from income tax for 5 years if they employ at least one Dominican 3- Exempt Americans and Europeans from Visa / Visa Free ( Other countries give them 90 days entry) 4) Require only their passports Reason: 1) Simple Economics...
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    Has the Minimum Wage In DR changed in Real Terms for the passed 100 Years

    My father used to earn 250.00 Pesos pe month when the Dollar was One:One. By today's exchange that would be 15,000.00 On December 7, 2021, the National Salary Committee, announced the approval of a 21% adjustment to the minimum salary for employees of the free zone sector in Dominican...
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    Will the Dominican Peso ever go back to be One to One with the Dollar like back in 1983/1984 (February)

    Will the Peso ever go back to Parity with the Dollar now that Import is increasing and national reserves are increasing?
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    Crime Rate in Dominican Republic: Police Refuses to Take Crime Reports/How do they Keep Statistics? Dominican Republic Crime Rate & Statistics 1991-2022...
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    I have a piece of Land Next to Los Delfines Aqua Park: I have some thugs Breaking and Entering into the land, I have videos of then breaking and stealing the cameras and can not get the police to arrest them even with evidence; I a ma trying to fence in the property and even with permits from...
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    Retire in Dominican Republic: To Be or Not to Be? How to Retire in the Dominican Republic Ashley Kilroy Mar 17, 2022 Do you dream of spending your retirement on a sunny Caribbean beach with a cool drink in hand? There are many alternatives, but one that you may want to...
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    Contamination of Dominican Beaches in Bocachica/Guayacanes/JuanDolio

    The whole turistic Area from Bocachica to Juan Dolio is filled with people selling Gasoline and Diesel fuel and dropping it on the soil all that contaminates the beach area where tourist bathe. That is a major catastrophe. Toda la zona turistica esta invadida por vendedores de Gasolina y Gasoil...
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    NY Yankee Miguel Andujar Robbed & Assaulted in DR

    Santo Domingo, DR Investing In Dominican Republic: No protection No where to Complaint : Anyone Can Invade your Property Very Costly to Defend yourself But Not Costly for thieves. At least ten people are under investigation for the assault on a property owned by New York Yankees player Miguel...
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    Real Estate Law: Building by the Water

    Twenty (20) Meters According to this law. If that law was modified to 60 Meters is that law retroactive? I bought some land 20 years ago; now there are some people saying that the new law applies to new constructions. I am just building a wall around the land to protected from people that are...
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    Protection from Land Invasion

    Top 30 International Destinations for Americans - average monthly searches on Google - 1. Mexico2. Canada3. Costa Rica4. Puerto Rico5. Belize6. U.S. Virgin Islands7. Panama8. Bahamas9. Dominican Republic10. Honduras11. Ecuador12. Jamaica13. Colombia14. Cayman Islands15. Bermuda16. Aruba17...
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    10 Major Reasons Why Most Dominican Abroad and Foreign Investors Will not Invest In Dominican Republic

    1) Too many steps to start and Business: Solution: The formation of a company can be done in One Hour Online. Allow payments to be done online and filing all the documents online Only One Location to do all the filing 2) Taxation of Initial Investment of a corporation. Solution: Tax the Net...