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  1. rogerjac

    My day at POP

    The day finally arrived. After almost 3 years me and my 9 year old are going to visit family in canada. Check in with WestJet fine, security fine, at immigration I knew I would have to pay 11,000 pesos exit fee. Go to pay and the girl says 16,000. She couldn't find the stamp for when I...
  2. rogerjac

    Covid vaccine and school registration

    Looks to me that kids without the vaccine will not be registered for the new school year. In my kids class about 90 percent of parents will not be vaccinating their kids. Teachers will have very empty classes come new year. Muy buenos días estimados directores. Les escribimos para informarles...
  3. rogerjac

    School start date

    Can anyone tell me when is the expected start date for public school in Sosua. I can't get a straight answer from anyone. September is all Im told. More than halfway through August and still no grades or even if the kids have passed grades.
  4. rogerjac

    Getting replacement credit cards and debit cards

    How do you all go about getting your credit or debit cards here. I tried having it sent in a small package with some other mail and stuff. It was delivered by USPS to my blumbox in Miami and they say it never arrived. Is there a more reliable way? No flights yet direct to the north coast so...
  5. rogerjac

    No westjet flights for another month extension

    WestJet extends temporary suspension of international sun flights until June | Im sure the other will follow suit especially air canada as they are getting a bailout and new partners with the goverment.
  6. rogerjac

    Vin Diesel upsetting his neighbors

    Vin Diesel's Dominican Republic Neighbors Say Security Way Too Aggressive (
  7. rogerjac

    Birmingham Alabama Shipper

    Im looking for a shipper to ship barrels from Birmingham to sosua. This is for a friend.
  8. rogerjac

    Non residents with covid 19

    Just wondering what would happen if a gringo who is here beyond the 30 day tourist visa and is found to be positive. Would they be made to pay for their care? What about if they have their own private Dominican insurance? Would they be sent to their home country?
  9. rogerjac

    Pick n Send

    Has anyone who uses this service for packages had any trouble. I ordered 3 different packages. The first was delevered via USPS and kept getting held up for pickup. These attempts at delivery were on a Saturday and Sunday. The package was delivered Monday afternoon to the Miami office as were...
  10. rogerjac

    Parental Permisson to Travel

    I plan on travelling with my Dominican born daughter to Canada soon. We will travel without the mother. The child has Canadian passport. I know we need a document authourizing me to travel from the mother. I have had conflicting advice and need to hear from someone who has done it recently...
  11. rogerjac

    What happens when you have too much time on your hands

    M?dicos del hospital Jos? Mar?a Cabral y B?ez extraen una botella del ano de un paciente extranjero ‹ – Gente Tuya para decir lo tuyo!
  12. rogerjac

    Transit visa for the USA

    Im planning on getting visitor visas for my Dominican wife (common law) and her 8 year old daughter to visit over Christmas to Canada. I want them to accompany me and my 2 year old Canadian born in RD. I am looking for the best travel deal to save some cash. In order to do this I want to...
  13. rogerjac

    They can't even make money from garbage

    The other day I was in Ochoa and I noticed that the workers were going to trash some plastic panels. It would be a total loss to put them in a bin for disposal. Some of these panels had corners broken or small chips on the edges or punch markes on one side or the other, totally useless for use...
  14. rogerjac

    Rice crispies

    I think I have been to all the major supermarkets in Santiago and can't find any boxes of Kellogs Rice Crispies. Wife saw them making rice crispy squares and I said how easy they are to make. I didn't realize the main ingredient would be so hard to find. Now the kids are pestering me to make...
  15. rogerjac

    No winners in this story

    From what I understand. Mother claims her 1 month old baby is stolen. Another girl says she was sold the baby for 20,000 pesos because she had recently miscarried and wanted to convince husband this was his baby. Birth father says they were offered money for baby and they refused so were...
  16. rogerjac

    Motorcycle Mechanic

    I am looking for a mechanic that has experience working on the larger type motorcycles. Mine is a 800 cc Suzuki. Most of these mechanics have never even been near one of these and I can see the cunfuson in their eyes when I tell them what I want. I am in Santiago.
  17. rogerjac

    Santiago Bypas opens this Saturday

    Ministro de Obras P?blicas dice Circunvalaci?n Norte est? concluida en un 100%; ser? abierta este s?bado 22 ‹ – Gente Tuya para decir lo tuyo! Anyone have any idea what the tolls are going to be? Probably too high to make a difference and reduce traffic on city streets.
  18. rogerjac

    Recovering nicely I hope

    Its been one week since my little accident and I think I am recovering alright. On Saturday the 28 my wife and I were out on my bike (un harley) and were hit by a small pickup coming out of a parking lot. Because it was coming out at an angle it was almost a headon collision. I was doing about...
  19. rogerjac

    Robinson Cano...Deadbeat Dad

    Robinson Cano a deadbeat dad? Judge in Dominican?Republic orders increase in child support for son? - NY Daily News I guess it doesn't matter how much you make, Dominicans don't like paying support for their children. I have the same problem with one of my wifes ex's.
  20. rogerjac

    Need a Laptop screen replaced

    My princess broke my laptop screen yesterday and now I need it replaced. Any ideas of the cost and where to get it fixed promptly. I'm in Santiago. Or should I just leave it in the hands of my Mrs.