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  1. Ecoman1949

    Clinton era jokes aka sex between the Bushes!

    During Clinton's presidency, the Atlanta Center for Disease control found evidence you can get sex from aides. The FBI coined a new term for the stains found on Monica's dress, "presidue". After Monica left, Clinton recruited interns from only four colleges, Moorhead, Oral Roberts, Ball State...
  2. Ecoman1949

    Cardiac Ultrasound

    I need one done. Waitlisted here in Canada. Could take two or three months. Anyone have this done in private hospital on North coast? How much time required and what is the cost? Can get to the DR on the 13th and say for a week.
  3. Ecoman1949

    Dental Implants

    I have a friend in Ontario who was quoted a price of $15000 Cdn for implants. He is wondering if he can get a better price at a DR dental clinic. Any recommendations? Would be better If he can get it done on the North Coast, Puerto Plata, Sousa, Cabarete. Santiago would be second option and...
  4. Ecoman1949

    Rocky's Aqua

    Dropped in Monday past with a few friends to view the new digs and meet Frank. Amazing place! Clean, crisp, well laid out, comfortable seating and a good menu. A mind boggling change from its former days as Jose O'Shays. Felt a bit odd at first, but once you settle in, it kind of grows on you...
  5. Ecoman1949

    Happy USA Independence Day.

    Turnabout is fair play. I want to be the first to wish all DR US expats a happy July 04th. I've had the pleasure to work with many of my US colleagues in the EPA, NOA, US COAST GUARD, and State Environment departments over the years. Two of my aunts married USAF serviceman and relocated to...
  6. Ecoman1949

    Playa Dorada getting a a facelift.

    Lots happening in my neck of the woods. LHVC has relinquished their lease on the Wyndham and it now the Wyndham Heaven. The New Jack Tar condo(Brugal family) is up and operating, at $250,000US for a two bed two bath ocean front suite plus $500 a month operating costs. Boggles my mind. Fair...
  7. Ecoman1949

    Hit or Myth

    Good morning everyone, Interesting chat with some of my DR friends over the past week Here is what I've been told; 1. I can buy a car here by simply using my passport. 2. I don't need a DR drivers license. 3. All I need is the minimum insurance, about $50 annually. 4. The only police that...
  8. Ecoman1949

    New Member Information

    I've been to most of the Islands over the years and gravitated towards the DR about six years ago when I retired. I quickly developed a circle of local and ex-pat friends and learned the local customs to the point where I feel relatively safe renting cars and touring the small towns and diverse...