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  1. caribmike

    2022 Hurricane Season

    October 27th via Brussels
  2. caribmike

    2022 Hurricane Season

    "We have a very unusual early-season Disturbance out off our far East." Of course, it starts early. It is my last one before we are off to Germany - so it has to show off... :mad:
  3. caribmike

    Car Purchase

    I am willing to give it away (but not before October) for a very competitive price since I really have no time to move from dealer to dealer... Aduanas values it at exactly 1,301,005 DOP :D. prices range from 25000 to 34000 + USD...
  4. caribmike

    Car Purchase

    Thanks! :) But my Jeep GC Overland is from 2014... since I work from home I moved him only 31000 miles in the last five years.
  5. caribmike

    Monkey Pox

    I am not sure but my two little ones (almost 2 and 4) both got vaccines here in the DR for "viruela"? Isn't "viruela" small pox or pox?
  6. caribmike

    Starting own business in DR

    Check his profile image here on DR1 and compare it to the results in the google search...
  7. caribmike

    Starting own business in DR This guy is allover... Interesting...
  8. caribmike

    Tuifly 7/2 TB181. 22 Passengers left at the AirPort. Great job.

    I booked flights for October 25 with TUIfly to Brussels. I checked here: I assume as of today, "2" is valid: 2. Are you travelling from a dark red or grey zone within the EU or Schengen zone or from a third country outside the white list ? Do you...
  9. caribmike

    A new beginning

    Or the better options for the kids as in our case. We will move to Germany in October.
  10. caribmike

    Anyone having trouble with Uber lately?

    These POS drivers are playing the system (of course, it's the DR after all). They do that on purpose. Happened various times to family members.
  11. caribmike

    Amazon Shipments Blocked

    I am almost certain this is a glitch at Amazon. (Not happening for the first time by the way). I assume this will be resolved in the coming days. As a test, I tried to order a product offered in different sizes, the same listing. Version 1 I was able to order without the error message. Number 2...
  12. caribmike

    All Covid restrictions are suspended effective now

    Back to toque de queda in a month...
  13. caribmike

    New Car Purchase

    I will sell my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2014 in October / November because we will move to Germany. NM. You are looking for a new one... Sorry.
  14. caribmike

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2014

    Mileage will be 100,000 miles +/- 2000 in September. I do not drive it a lot since I work from home. I got it in 2017 with 70000 miles on. It has the 3.6 engine but I use only premium anyways. No tow package. I did change oil every 5000 miles at max, sometimes earlier. Tires are new, I changed...
  15. caribmike

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2014

    Por motivo de viaje :) I am going to sell my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. This will be in between September to October 2022. So, if you are planning to buy a car let me know. Asking price is 25000 USD negotiable. The other beauty beneath is my Landrover Discovery from 2000. This needs...
  16. caribmike

    How to sell a car without getting cheated?

    We will move to Germany this year and tentatively around September / October, I will sell my Jeep GC Overland. (I will buy an ad here on DR1 too). Since I never sold a car here (my old one took the dealer as part of the payment for the Jeep) I would like to know how to do this best? I did...
  17. caribmike

    Airplane Crash Near Las Américas

    It made news in Germany too. Music producer and his family. RIP.
  18. caribmike

    Time to get the “marbete”

    Ordered online from Santiago. With a weekend in between, it was at my door within 5 days.
  19. caribmike

    Paypal Account linkage to Banco Popular account

    DOP is not available. I transfer USD to USD to my BHD USD account.
  20. caribmike

    Paypal Account linkage to Banco Popular account

    PayPal does not issue a Debit Card for a PayPal account with location in Dominican Republic, which the one connected with BPD will be.