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    The Empire Strikes Back!!

    Migration authorities close Haitian restaurant in Santiago James Jacques, Haitian consul in Santiago, was arrested at the scene along with dozens of Haitian citizens during an operation by the General Directorate of Migration (DGM). Although preparations have been made to release Jacques, he...
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    Are Haitians receiving discrimination from the Border Patrol of the United States of America? “I think this is a testament of how embedded anti-Black racism is in the very fabric of the system of our country,” said Guerline Jozef, head of the Haitian Bridge Alliance in San Diego. “For people who...
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    Opportunity exists for Haitians in the Dominican Republic I became interested in this subject after I was challenged in another thread. I was asked a serious of questions that were intended to imply that people leave for the developed nations because they are inherently better. I disagree with...
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    325 undocumented Haitians arrested in Punta Cana
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    A push to grow Hemp in the Dominican Republic

    "Caribbean Hemp Company would like to propose a hemp cultivation pilot program here in the Dominican Republic, which would stand to gain untold collateral benefits and unprecedented financial wealth if it adopts such a plan. Although many other island nations of the Caribbean have adopted such...
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    Jovenel Moïse is a dictator at this point...

    Haiti’s turmoil worries UN Security Council as fatigue grows with Moïse’s one man rule The United States voiced exasperation Monday with Haitian President Jovenel Moïse’s one-man rule, blaming his government for the country’s delayed legislative vote during a U.N. Security Council meeting as the...
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    Economic Imperialists should go home if Haiti is to solve its own problems internally

    U.S. racism and imperialism fuel turbulence in Haiti Beginning on February 7, Haitians have been in the streets protesting against corruption, high prices, shortages, inflation, and power outages. Demonstrators are demanding that President Jovenel Moïse, in power since January 2017, resign...
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    EAST SIDE: Raises walked back in Santo Domingo Este

    Apparently the good people of Santo Domingo Este did not take kindly to DRGOV officials receiving a pay raise given their performance in office.
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    Due Diligence

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    Best Place to buy a Washing Machine

    According to some because my handle here on DR1 is YOURMANINVEGAS they do not think I live here. (That list is long) This inquiry is not for them. Because I need a washing machine here. Here in the 🇩🇴 . Santo Domingo or Santo Domingo este is where I am willing to travel to buy it. I got...
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    Former Florida lawmaker arrested in Haiti on weapons charge, police official says Old news but I was on suspension for the intellectual crime of disruption. So I could not post about it within the normal 24 Hour News Cycle. "Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time - Yeah, don't do...
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    Dominican Republic will give extensive aid to Haiti

    Reinforce technological and physical controls at the border Santo Domingo, DR The presidents of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, and of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, signed nine agreements in which they commit to confronting the irregular migratory flow and the issues of trade, maritime borders...
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    Haitians need to fix Haiti?

    Five weeks of protests are not enough indication to the naysayers posting there sweeping opinions that there is not a single Haitian that cares about Haiti. Really ⁉ To the individual asking if I need to change my thinking❓ Not no but (explitive deleated) NO‼...
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    Money Movement

    Can you wire transfer funds in DOP to an account in a bank in the Dominican Republic from outside of the Dominican Republic ❓ If so how do you do it❓
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    Brides and Haiti are doing it up big! They go hard in the paint and get it done!
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    Why can't the Dominican Republic be the solution to the crisis in Haiti?
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    Does instability in Haiti threaten that of the Dominican Republic
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    Clashes in Haiti After Lawyer Shot Dead

    "Students from a law school in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince took to the streets Tuesday to protest the murder of Monferrier Dorval, head of the bar association in the city. Hundreds of university students clashed with police as they attempted to disrupt traffic along a main avenue by placing...
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    What brands? Where to get it? Cost? That is the information I am looking for. My experience in the Dominican Republic is that Bourbon here is rare, expensive and with very few options. And feel free to make comments on taste profiles and quality. Any others out there enjoy Bourbon? One of...
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    Haiti needs to get the attention of the US

    The United States of America cares so little about Haiti that the Secretary of State could not even be bother to meet with the President of Haiti in a meeting room during his visit to the Dominican Republic. They stood in the hallway and spoke. In my opinion that was straight up disrespectful...