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  1. Garyexpat

    Selling land in Puerto Plata

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a realtor to represent owners in selling land in Puerto Plata? Have already tried Remax and an independent with zero success. It's not the price, just lazy people not looking to do their job in promoting the property. Thanks in advance.
  2. Garyexpat

    Finally action taken to protect the rivers I'm glad to see this. I have a friend who has been pushing this issue for some time. Protecting their natural resources must happen lest they become like Haiti. I just hope this isn't...
  3. Garyexpat

    Deputies approve US$100M loan to extend Santo Domingo’s Metro

    I am curios. Does anyone know where they will be extending line 1? I remember seeing a map with future proposed routes. Could this be towards Hainna?
  4. Garyexpat

    Let the insanity begin!!

    Oh well, here we go again. Stay safe everyone. Santo Domingo.- The Interior and Police Ministry (MIP) on Thursday announced that from Thursday, December 5, 2019 until Tuesday, January 7, 2020, no alcoholic beverage restrictions will apply to bars, clubs and restaurants, on the occasion of the...
  5. Garyexpat

    The China invasion

    DR to get more cameras with facial recognition technology In an interview with Dominican reporters visiting Beijing, the Dominican Ambassador to China Briunny Garabito Segura said that the Dominican government is considering the expansion of its security cameras with facial recognition...
  6. Garyexpat

    Dominican Drivers

    Dump truck rides into the Caribbean Sea One person died and two were injured after the driver of a dump truck lost control on Monday, 25 March 2019, at Km 17 of the Las Americas Expressway near the entrance to the Hipódromo V Centenario. The dump truck fell into the Caribbean Sea. Hundreds of...
  7. Garyexpat

    Another Happy Customer

    I'd like to thank Gorgon for his assistance in helping me locate a vehicle. After seeing others he had helped here at DR1 and the fact that I did NOT have time to travel around looking I got in touch with him and agreed to use him in my search. He found a very clean Nissan Murano which really...
  8. Garyexpat

    Suggest Commercial Realtor in Puerto Plata

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a commercial realtor for a piece of property for sale in Puerto Plata? It is behind the Provocon as you enter POP near the university and zona franca.
  9. Garyexpat

    Santo Domingo Traffic may get a little better

    News from today: 2 million motorcycles but only 300,000 motorcyclists have licenses The executive director of the National Transport and Transit Institute (Intrant), engineer Franchesca de los Santos says that while there are an estimated two million motorcycles in circulation, only 300,000...
  10. Garyexpat

    Home for Dog

    My son and his wife are looking for a good home for their dog. It is a female mix. She has all shots and is spayed. She has been around children for several years and has always been great with my granddaughters. She is 6 years old and is a medium sized short haired dog. I always thought she...
  11. Garyexpat

    Children abuse culture

    Not only is it horrible (if true) that this guy was living with this CHILD since she was 11 years old, with the consent of her father but the fact that members of this town have come out protesting his arrest and internment speaks volumes about why such abuse occurs with the frequency that it...
  12. Garyexpat

    What a day!

    Saturday Oct 29th started out like it was going to be a very good day. Closed some business for a new client out of the states, got help upgrading the computer for the person working with this client and set to add another person working for the client starting Monday. Time to get something to...