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  1. BermudaRum

    Banco Santa Cruz Online

    Anyone else having issues with Bancanet online for Banca Santa Cruz today, or recently? Signing in I have no issues, however no personal and financial details being displayed. Maybe the system is down, or could it be I need to show my vaccination card before they display all my details. lol...
  2. BermudaRum

    DR1 2020 NFL Football Picks

    As we approach the 2020 NFL Conference Championship weekend, I would like to tip my New England Patriots hat to the DR1 2020 NFL League Pick Winners. In the regular season ending Pick 'Em by Points division, the winner was The VegeMan who won by 8 points over 2nd place Yoseff Francus. In the...
  3. BermudaRum

    Maybe this should be in The Clown Bin

    This has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read, or heard about this country. Yesterday's story..... Today's story...
  4. BermudaRum

    Dominican Professional Golfers

    Thought some would be interested in following 3 Dominican Professional Golfers that have qualified for the new 2012 PGA TOUR Latinoam?rica . One of the eleven scheduled events will actually be played at Cana Bay GC, Nov 5-11, 2012 Punta Cana, DR( DR Open) Julio SANTOS?.Head Professional at...
  5. BermudaRum

    Car transfer of ownership

    Need help in finding out the process after I have sold my car here in the north coast. I have all the original documents (registration, dealer's bill of sale, current stickers, etc). Also, I understand that I need to have a bill of sale agreement in Spanish with the new owners. Is there any...
  6. BermudaRum

    One Dominican who can not eat chicken, drink beer, and so far lost 20 pounds.

    The skinny on Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz's diet - ESPN Boston
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    The 2011 North Coast Charity Golf Classic

    The 2011 North Coast Charity Golf Classic We are delighted to announce the return of the final major of the golfing calendar year, YESSSSSS!!!!! It's time once more for the 4th North Coast Annual Charity Golf Classic!!!!!! Founded four Years ago, this event (thanks to your support) has been...
  8. BermudaRum

    Need a new Laptop.

    Any suggestions as to where I could purchase a new laptop at a very reasonable price in Santiago. Nothing fancy is needed, just thought of getting a new one. Have heard in the past that Santiago may have several good locations that are better priced then in the north. Many thanks on any...
  9. BermudaRum

    TV and Microwave

    Left the cozy nest in Sosua after 4 1/2 yrs and moved into Puerto Plata. Need a used television and microwave that someone maybe looking to unload as I'll probably be only here for 6 months. Also is there any stores here in POP that sell used appliances? Thanks BermudaRum
  10. BermudaRum

    Need some approx. rates in SD

    Have some friends from BDA. who are visiting SD for the first time. Their son has qualified to play in a tennis tournament mid march, and are asking for some help. They are staying at the BQ Hotel in the city, and want to know what would be the approx cab fare from the airport to their hotel...
  11. BermudaRum

    Google Chrome

    Anyone here in the DR use this browser? Any pros and cons (speed, connection, etc.) that may help me in deciding if it is better then Internet Explorer (Windows 7). Thanks for any help..
  12. BermudaRum

    Clown Bin Material :cheeky:
  13. BermudaRum

    Puerto Rico Open presented by Banco Popular

    Ok, you may ask how is the PRO Golf Tourney related with the DR. Well I understand that this US PGA Tour event that was played alongside the CA Championship in Miami had a first. I was told that there was a Dominican Golf Professional for the very first time that competed in a PGA Tour event...
  14. BermudaRum

    Tiny Itsy Bitsy Spider Window Crack!

    Anyone know of a product that you can purchase for your car here in the north to repair a small Spider Crack? Or even know a mechanic shop that repairs them with what I understand is a pressured glue solution? Thanks BermudaRum
  15. BermudaRum

    Banco Santa Cruz

    Anyone who banks online having any issues the last few days in connecting or retrieving personal banking info (balance, statement, etc.) from I would call however I am out of the country at the moment. Thanks BermudaRum
  16. BermudaRum

    Why you shouldn't get drunk on an airplane!

    The Royal Gazette
  17. BermudaRum

    N.C.C.Golf Tournament Auction.....

    [/IMG] Callaway FT 3 Wood (still in wrap), Fusion Technology, Neutral Setting, Fujikura Regular Graphite Shaft, 15 Degree, FT Head Cover.... US $249.00 Retail Value..... All bids in US $, and bidding will close on Aug.15th 2009 at the prize presentation of the N.C.C.G.Tournament. For those...
  18. BermudaRum

    Pay to play, at Playa Grande!

    A bit of info on Playa Grande as experienced just today! If you are a Fedo member or non member, they have yet to establish the summer rates which in the past which started each year on May 1st. We also asked about the free round which Fedo members would have received if they had not notified...
  19. BermudaRum

    Carnival Pics in Puerto Plata - 15/03/09

    See other post!:o