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    Residence through marriage

    I also recommend Guzman. I used them for my residence and land purchase. They will have lawyers that speak your language. They can also advice you on your business. Not the cheapest law firm but very competent and honest. They will quote you a price upfront and respect it. You can contact them...
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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure (Instructions)

    Please let us know the details to change.
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    My day at POP

    Thank you
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    My day at POP

    Thanks, I understand permiso de viaje from Mother. its the other document from immigration that not clear. Do you need 2 documents? Is it possible that once you have the notarize "permiso de viaje" from Mother you then need to bring this to immigration for another document. Thank for your...
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    My day at POP

    Thanks, I understand
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    My day at POP

    Can you give us more info on "permiso de viaje" you will get? Like where and exactly what it needs. Thank you. XTraveller
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    Satellite internet?

    I suspect you had DSL and not Fiber. The speed will vary with the distance on DSL service. (DSL is over regular coper phone cable, Tip & Ring) Yes Their is problem with Claro marketing. Ex. I was recently in a new development area in SD east, I think its called Juan Bosh. Hundreds of Condos...
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    Satellite internet?

    I have Claro fiber and had an outage, reported the problem, took 3 days to fix (weekend) to my surprise when I got the monthly bill there was a discount for the (Ajuste Avería en Servicio).......
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    Judges absolve those accused in the Los Tres Brazos corruption case

    Read careful everyone theses are cases prepare by the FORMER " Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez" which is also in Jail at the moment waiting trail.
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    2022 Hurricane Season

    Thanks' Mike, glad your are back. Always Appreciate you input. XTraveller
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    Help Me Understand this sleeping routine

    Have you ask your gf what are their sleeping arrangement at the moment. You say its only for 1 week and I suspect they already all sleep together. Maybe you can buy a portable type of mattress ( here a "cochon" Spelling ?) and your GF can keep it for future use.
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    Amendment proposed to immigration law

    More than likely you will miss your flight so of course you will be going back to "Sosua"
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    Problem with our property. Not ours ??

    Guzman Ariza
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    Can exchange my USA Drivers License for a DR one?

    If you go with a driving school they will help you with the whole process included the exam (which is very easy) with little or no Spanish. A lot easier than the process of getting all the legalization and certificates from the embassy..ect. This way you get to keep your USA driver license and...
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    YYZ This Week

    I am a bit confuse, why Nexus? Where you flying thru USA or Direct flight to DR ?
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    Immigration Lawyer

    I did both temporary and permanent residence with Guzman Ariza and was very satisfied. Also friends used them for citizenship and positive results. The owner of Guzman Ariza is also a moderator of the legal thread of DR1 and if you have a negative experience with any of their lawyers you can...
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    Overstay fine for 8 months + 3 weeks?

    Thank you, this is what I thought but could not confirm it.
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    Overstay fine for 8 months + 3 weeks?

    Does the overstay fee calculated from your entry date or from your 31 th day in the DR?
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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure (Instructions)

    I renewed temporary 4 times and renewed permanent once by myself. Its the first time, first temporary or first permanent that I used a lawyer.
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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure (Instructions)

    Renewal of Permanent or temporary residence is straightforward (easy), Just go on the web site (DGM) about 3 months before issue date and you will get all the info needed. If not change all local documents needed plus passport. (local doc. like police paper and local bank records)