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    Top off Prepaid Cells Online?

    Looking for recommendations as to where I can top off my (Viva) prepaid cell online from the US. TIA
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    Hearing aids? Anyone ever gotten one in the DR?

    And would it be comparable to the US except for price? I know dental is spoken of and have had successful dental work done, but hearing aids? My insurance in the US doesn't cover it - $4000 worth - and I'm just wondering... Thanks for any feedback or advice.
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    My IP address has been blacklisted

    Hi I have Delancer/Comcast with an IP address in Miami. I have been blacklisted, not b/c of me but b/c this is a shared server and someone either had a virus or spammed, as far as I can tell. Comcast has only one IP in the US (Miami) and one in the DR. My questions are: 1) Does anyone know...
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    Mobile Passport App

    For US residents and Canadians there is now a Mobile Passport App that allows you to stand in a different line, similar to Global Entry. Right now it's at a limited number of airports but it's going to grow quickly. You enter your information, create a pin and then follow the instructions. You...
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    Temporary Residency Renewal

    I couldn't find the sticky so mods, please put this in correct place. I renewed for the 4th time yesterday and wanted to give you my process. Took the 3:30 bus from Caribe Tours (location) in Charamicos. 350 pesos. Arrived a bit late at immigration because of traffic - 8:30. Got the paper...
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    Any update information on Dengue or Chicachunga (?)

    I'm sorry to say I think I have one of these, bad headache and achy legs. I have been taking anti grippe meds and that takes the pain away but it comes back. Any miracle solutions or suggestions would br greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ro
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    Sunbeds/Chaise Lounges

    Anyone selling or can recommend where to buy? We need 3, prefer folding ones, especially ones that fold into 3's. Pappaterra and La Sirena, way too expensive. Slightly used in great condition works too. Thanks.
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    Cafe Cubano owner Brian

    I've just learned that Brian had a second stroke, that he can't speak and is paralyzed. So sad. Does anyone know who is and how to contact his family or any relatives? If so, let the people at the restaurant know. Thanks.
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    Wells Fargo Users

    Just got an email purportedly from Wells Fargo saying: We recently determined that different computers have tried to log on to your Wells Fargo account. Multiple password failures automatically places your account on hold. We now need more information to help us provide you with our secure...
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    Happy Thalnksgiving to all who celebrate and

    Great article on gratitude and our health. Perfect timing... Why Thankful People Are Happier And Healthier | Fast Company | Business + Innovation Enjoy
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    Anyone Going to Santo Domingo to Renew Cedula?

    I understand cedulas have to be renewed by January 1 2015. My residency is current but my cedula expired. Wonder if anyone is driving (or taking the bus) and just renewing cedula and returning. If driving, I'm happy to share expenses. I'm flexible with time, just way before the 1st of the...
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    Family Gym in Sosua

    Can' find it in Search (what a surprise). I'm looking for two things: 1) Their phone number 2) Anyone know if Zumba is still going on and what days/times please. Thanks so much. Ro
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    For the Bikers out there

    The Bike Fits In A Backpack, So It's Super Easy To Bring On Trips (Some Assembly Required) | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
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    Jet Blue Sale ends tomorrow

    If you fly Jet Blue and use points, you can save 20% of your points, need to book by tomorrow (July 25) and fly by October 31st. After the October 31st date, the 20% will be credited to your points in your Jet Blue account. Just booked October 30, JFK to POP for 11,500 points, 20% of which...
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    Dental Crowns

    Has anyone used Monica in Sosua for dental crowns and if so, can you give me an estimate of cost per crown? Has anyone used Oscar Morel in Santiago for crowns and if so, how much per crown? I have used Monica for simple things, not crowns and very pleased with her. Just don't know if she does...
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    Magic Jack Support

    I have heard many people complain about no support for problems with MJ. Mine works great on my PC but couldn't answer on my other devices (tablet/phone). magicJack - Live Chat Text chatted with a person who reset my number and had me test and yes, they all work now. I've always been pleased...
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    Metro Bus Sosua to Santo Domingo

    Couldn't find it on a search. Anyone know if the Metro Bus that leaves at 8:10 from Sosua to Santo Domingo runs on SATURDAYS. If I read their website correctly it seems not. If not, what are my alternatives? Does Caribe Tours go to Santo Domingo on Saturdays? Thanks so much. Regards Ro
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    Which is best bus from North Coast to Santo Domingo closest to the port

    Hi Considering a cruise out of Santo Domingo and am looking for information as to whether one bus line is better than another, what stop to get off at in Santo Domingo, which is closest to the cruise port. Also, I expect we'll need a taxi to the port - what should that cost - any...
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    New Aerobics Class

    If anyone is interested, new aerobics class Mon, Tues, Thurs at the Family Gym from 7-8 am with the zumba instructor (who teaches there on Wed and Fri). I don't get anything for posting - just wanted to let those of you who are exercise/health conscious know about it. I think it's 800 pesos...
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    Zumba Classes in Sosua?

    Are there any regularly scheduled Zumba classes (high intensity preferred) in the Sosua area? If so, can you tell me where, when, and approximate cost and how to contact/connect with the person providing it? You can PM me or respond here in case others are interested as well. Thanks and regards.