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    Carpenters work bench

    I'm looking for an adjustable work bench. The best known ones in the UK are named Black and Decker Workmate. They fold up and have adjustable jaws making a vise.
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    Cola Wood

    Does anyone know if there is any available Cola timber and a rough price. Thanks
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    Your label

    Immigrants are usually defined as people who have come to a different country in order to live there permanently, whereas expats move abroad for a limited amount of time or have not yet decided upon the length of their stay,” (CEO InterNations) So how long do you need to have lived in The...
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    Expat is an interesting word. If you are from a "first world" country or have a white skin you are labelled an expat. If you have a brown skin you are called an immigrant.
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    Posting medication to DR

    I will need medication sent from UK to DR. Does anyone know about any regulations regarding this?
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    Bicycle needed

    Does anyone have a bicycle for sale. I'm in Rio San Juan.
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    Does anyone know the going price of young live goats, 1 male, 1 female
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    Medical Advice needed

    I would like to find reliable high quality medical advice/testing. This is why: One of my balls has grown enormously in the last month or so. This could be for a variety of reasons, one being cancer. My flight to England is not until June. So can anyone recommend anywhere for tests, perhaps an...
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    Inactive bank account charges

    Had a bad suprise today at banco Progreso. I had deposited 1000 pesos one year ago and deposited 3000 today. When I got my bank book back I discovered that for 6 months they had been giving me a little bit of interest and then after 6 months they made charges of 100 and 35 every month...
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    Health Insurance 67 years ols

    I'm 67 years old. Can anyone help with the details of health insurance for someone this age. Thanks
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    Shipping from London, UK

    I'm moving full time to Rio San Juan from London, England in the summer of next year. I'd really appreciate any good shipping company (household effects). Preferably door to door but I know that may be difficult. Thanks
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    pre-paid sim with data

    Can I get a pre-paid sim with internet, calls and texts. Say unlimited national calls and texts plus data for 1 month?
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    Why no politics or religion

    Why is no politics or religion allowed on this forum when sweeping prejudice against dominicans is tolerated as along with outrageous sexism against woman
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    Free internet

    I remeber a post telling us how to get free internet using a blackberrt phone as a modem. Is this still possible. Does anyone know?
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    Old batteries and charger

    Does anyone know how much I can get for old inverter batteries and a burnt out large charger. Possibly on the trucks coming around buying scrap. I also have a good small motorcycle battery charger for sale in RSJ. Thanks Les
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    Carriage UK to DR

    Does anyone know a company for door to door carriage UK to DR? Probably a part container. Thanks
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    Finally in coming all year round

    After nearly 20 years of coming and going (about 4 months a year in RSJ I'm coming all the year around. I'm surethis info has been posted before but: I'd really like to find a company who will move household goods door to door, furniture, nick-nacks, books a peddle bike etc etc. About half a...
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    Does anyone know of a shipping company Uk to DR

    In 2 years I'll be moving to DR full time. Up to now it's been around 5 months of the year. I want bring things I can't find in DR. Books between 500 - 100, good cooking equipment, and collectable ceramics and glass ware. I don't need to bring furniture because I'm a furniture maker. Does...
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    shipping from the UK

    Doea anyone know of a door to door shipping company from the UK and costs. I think boxes with domestic stuff.
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    The really good things about Dominican Republic

    I would like to know what you love about the DR, but not how great the sex is - or not. But the things that make your heart sing. For example: It was my birthday and around six neighbours came and sang "happy birthday to you" A bride and groom turned up at the dance hall, the bride with her...