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    Postal code map for the city

    Does anyone know of a actual zip code map for the Santo Domingo area
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    Trip on Ferries del Caribe

    Had to go to Puerto Rico for business. Got in San Juan on July 28. Got all the meetings finished and now had to go to Santo Domingo for the last 3 meetings. The 3 of us decided to take the ferry, so on August 3rd. we got on the ferry. Very smooth entry on to the ship. $395.00 USD for the 3 of...
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    supper with friends

    Went out tonite with my Dominican and Puerto Rican friends. We ate at Villar Hermanos(corner of Ave. Pasteur and Ave. Independencia) I had a super mero in garlic sauce. Just superb plus I tasted for the first time the new beer from the Presidente Brewery called The One. It was ice cold and ended...