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    Casa Bonita

    Have any of you stayed at Casa Bonita in Barahona? If so, what was your impression? Thank you.
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    from Santa Domingo to Barahona

    Can anyone tell me the best way to get from Santa Domingo (airport area) to Barahona? also, the approximate cost associated w/the transporation? i will not have a rental car. thank you!
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    I am visiting Barahona in March and will either stay at Casa Bonita or Barahona Corasol. This will be my first trip to DR and I would love to hear any recommendations that any of you may have. Also, if you have stayed at either of the places mentioned above, I'd like to hear your impression as...
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    Baharona Hotels...

    Have any of you stayed at Casa Bonita or Baharana Corasol Resort? If so, can you please tell me what you thought of them? I am trying to decide where to stay. Also - how far is the trip from Santa Dominga?? This will be my first time to DR and any tips/advice are appreciated. Thank you...