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    Antigen test Santiago

    SantiagoDR, thanks for the recommendation and advice.
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    Antigen test Santiago

    I need an antigen test to transit through the US. I will be in Santiago the day before I leave so looking for recommendations of where to go. Ideally somewhere reliable where there is unlikely to be a queue and I get the result within an hour. If it is near to PUCMM even better. Thanks. Adrian
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    All Terrain Tires. Buy here or ship from USA?

    Thanks to everyone for their advice. I will probably do a tour of Puerto Plata and Santiago to see what is available.
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    All Terrain Tires. Buy here or ship from USA?

    I need to replace the All Terrain tires for my truck. 265/65 R17. In the past I have always ended up buying them from David's in Sosua. Not much choice, although sometimes he has got them from elsewhere, but easy. Last week David's did not have any so wondering if anyone can suggest somewhere...
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    Does UK issued Covid pass app and / NHS leter work here?

    I use my UK NHS Covid pass on my phone and have never had a problem. In most places you could probably show anything on your phone and they would accept it!
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    Hotel near Las Americas airport

    I am landing at Las Americas airport at 11pm and looking for a hotel nearby until someone picks me up the next morning. I don't need anything fancy, just somewhere clean and safe where I can check in sometime around midnight. I think the Hampton by Hilton might be my only option but wondering if...
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    BREAKING NEWS : Republica Dominicana to remain on the red list for UK travellers.

    The Dominican Republic will be added to the countries with an approved proof of vaccination on the 22nd of November.
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    BREAKING NEWS : Republica Dominicana to remain on the red list for UK travellers.

    Mari Yes. There are two criteria that need to be fulfilled. The vaccine needs to be an approved vaccine AND the vaccine certificate needs to be accepted in the UK. For example, if you have had the Pfizer vaccine in the DR, at the moment on entry to the UK you would need to follow the rules for...
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    BREAKING NEWS : Republica Dominicana to remain on the red list for UK travellers.

    To qualify as fully vaccinated to enter the UK you must have had a full course of an approved vaccine AND proof of full vaccination issued by an approved country. The Dominican Republic is not currently on the list of countries with approved proof of vaccination. Until that changes anyone...
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    UK scraps red list as of Monday

    The list of countries with approved proof of vaccination was updated today. The Dominican Republic is not on the list. People who have had their vaccines in the DR will need to follow the rules as if they were unvaccinated.
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    UK scraps red list as of Monday

    You need to take more Covid-19 tests and quarantine at home or where you are staying for 10 days. There is also the Test to Realease scheme if you want to...
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    Travel Insurance Dominicans to US

    Any suggestions for buying good inexpensive travel insurance for Dominicans going to the US for 5 days? Good medical cover is more important than lost baggage etc. The insurance available here all seems very expensive for the cover offered. I have used in the past but they no...
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    COVID test in Santiago for US entry

    Juan Bosch and Nobody, Thank you for your suggestions.
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    COVID test in Santiago for US entry

    Any recommendations for the best place to get a COVID-19 test in Santiago before flying to the US? Ideally near to PUCCM, but elsewhere in Santiago would be OK. I am a little confused by what types of test are valid, but I think a LAMP test is eligible and would be the quickest and least...
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    Need to unlock an American phone in POP

    You can get WhatsApp on a locked iPhone by just using WiFi, but you do need a SIM. Borrow an unlocked phone for a few minutes and put the SIM in it. Go through the WhatsApp setup procedure on the locked phone and the WhatsApp code will be sent to the unlocked phone with the SIM in it. Enter...
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    New Software

    I have just got the same message.
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Here is a summary by the BBC about possible cures.
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    Men's haircut

    Anyone recommend somewhere to get a haircut in Cabarete or nearby? Thanks.
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    Dash Cam Installation

    Any suggestions where I can get a dash cam professionally installed? Front and rear camera, hard-wired to battery. North coast or Santiago/ Moca. Thanks.
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    Buy fireworks

    Anyone recommend a good place to buy fireworks? North coast or Santiago or Moca. Thanks.