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    will my boost mobile phone ?

    will my boost mobile phone ? will it still work when I get to the DR or will I have to buy a new phone & plan ?
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    Is there a veterans facility in the DR ?

    that's my one big worry
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    punta cana airport at 2:35 how to get to Sousa

    I'm starting to realize that, I'm getting to Punta Cana at 2:35, which is going to get me in Sousa late at night (I don't know where I'm going should I stay in a hotel in Punta Cana, then start fresh in the morning for Sousa ?
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    moving to Sousa, I'm a photographer My ultimate dream: Shoot theWomen of the DR

    I have been reading and watching video about the DR for 10 years now, kids grown divorced retired and ready for a new adventure to close out my life......I don't speak Spanish and know no one in THe DR, but I'm going anyway. First thing I'm do is find someone to teach me Spanish and learn the...