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    Police arrest two accused of Swiss woman’s murder

    I hope they look into it further and arrest the lawyers involved.
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    Need online electrical home goods website Try this company, they deliver to North Coast and prices are reasonable. I have purchased Stoves and washing machines from them.
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    Total Confusion abt Residents’ Right to Get Vaccinated

    I am under 60, got my first shot in Sosua at the town hall about a month ago. I have permanent residency but used my passport as wanted passport number on certificate. Was scheduled to have second shot on 29th of April but too many people at town hall. Next day played golf, and went to Public...
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    Recommendations for demolishing and building new pool

    Wouldn't recommend them. They try to build houses as well. Couldn't even finish my simple remodel, had to get someone else to finish it. Be careful with them.
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    Tourism in DR could restart with PGA Tour in September

    YOU are wrong. That week was supposed to be the Ryder cup, not a WGC event. Ryder Cup is postponed now. So it could attract some big names if they want to travel here.
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    Rubbish collection in Sosua.

    Any one know of private companies offering rubbish collection in Sosua area. The collection of rubbish is so inconsistent from the normal rubbish collectors.
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    Warning to property managers and home owners.

    A person by the name of Alex Francois Carter is operating in this part of the country. He cannot be trusted. He has rented our villa and has not paid rent. His family are here in the villa and beleive he may not be able to travel here. He sends false swift wire transfer receipts and...
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    Anyone know where to buy rope in Sosua or Cabarete. Need about 50ft of 1/2" or close to that size.
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    Sosua to Punta Cana airport

    We are travelling out of Punta Cana next month and need a reliable taxi or transport company to go from Sosua to PUJ and return 3 weeks later. Any suggestions? Would like to drive but not sure about long term parking in that area.
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    Ana Borsikova

    Anyone had dealings with this person?
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    electrical main wiring

    Does anyone know a good english speaking electrician that can replace the main wire from meter to breaker panel?
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    mini sim card

    Does anyone know if Orange use the mini sim cards in there phones? If not which other carriers use them?
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    Floor tiles.

    Anyone know of a good place to buy tiles for floor and bathroom, preferably one that has a good selection.
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    world cup rugby

    Anyone know any bars in Sosua or Cabarete that will be showing world cup rugby final?
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    Golf driving range

    I was just curious if anyone thinks a golf driving range would be a good idea. Was thinking close to Sosua or Cabarete. Would welcome all feedback. I hate driving all the way to Playa Dorada to hit balls that are of not good quality.