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    Television Options in the DR

    I've seen a number of requests for cable and satellite info, and thought it might be helpful if we have a central thread that contains all the info. Here's the playlist for Delancer, courtesy of beeza. Anyone who has intel on how to set up satellite or other cable services, please pitch in!
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    Summary of Residency Requirements

    All, There seemed to be a bit of confusion as to what the requirements for residency (general and "fast track") were, so I'm posting this link to Lic. Guzman's article on the subject. Dominican Immigration Law - Guzm?n Ariza
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    Jewelry Manufacturing

    Have a friend who is looking for someone (preferably in one of the free trade zones) who manufactures jewelry for export. Her pieces use exotic materials, stones, wood, mother-of-pearl, etc. She has a need for both limited edition and larger scale production. Any suggestions would be...
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    Need Good Cook for May 7-11

    We're going to be in the Sosua area for the above dates, and while we're looking forward to Rocky's ribs and the Mojitos at Morua Moi, we're planning a pool party and a few other events where a in-house cook might make more sense. We'd very much appreciate any suggestions regarding good people...
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    Impact on Strikes to Expats and Tourists

    I'm opening this thread in the hopes that some of the more knowledgeable folks here will take a moment and explain the source of the strikes, and what if any effect it has on tourism or living in-country. Why are folks on strike? Do they happen often? Are there any safety concerns? What if...
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    Business Opportunities - What's Missing?

    Hello all, While I've been a fan of DR1 for some time, this is my first post. I'm considering moving down to either the North Coast or Santiago areas, and will need to figure out a way to make a living, preferably way in advance of boxing my stuff up. I've noticed that the salaries for expats...