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    Motorcycle Owners

    My wife wants to get a scooter to get around Las Terrenas. My original though is it is a bit dangerous, so would rather rely solely on a car. But, for only getting around town it would seem to be much easier in a scooter or bike. So,I would like to look into a small bike, like a Yamaha 200cc...
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    Day Parking Near Santo Domingo

    We will need to drive into Santo Domingo from the Northeast, Samana, via the toll road. I really really do not want to drive within Santo Domingo. My idea is to park the car somewhere outside the city and take a cab or Uber into the city. Any suggestions as to a safe parking area? Somewhere to...
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    Our trip report, and the reality of import duties

    Just got back from another great trip to DR. Flew into Santo Domingo and rented a car for our drive up to Las Terrenas. Reserved the car on-line with Europcar. Got to the counter and proceeded to duke it out with the counter agent over insurance, as expected. I lost both rounds decisively and...
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    Car Rental -Las Terrenas

    Looking to rent a car in Las Terrenas next month. Any recommendations? :cool:
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    Vehicular Preference

    So, curious to know what expat residents drive in the DR. I don't want to know which specific vehicle is best, rather what type of vehicle would you recommend (small suv, large suv, pickup, etc). We will need to import a vehicle and we have narrowed our choice to a RAV4 or a 4Runner. I do not...
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    Hola! Newbie reporting in!

    Greetings, I'm Dave from US, North Carolina. I've perused the BB's here for some time but just got around to signing up. My wife and I are retiring a bit early and re-locating to Samana Las Terrenas in a couple years. We have a piece of land now and will be building in another year or so...