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    Are you thinking about switching to electric cars in the DR?

    Challenge accepted....please see link regarding Playero in October 2020 , La Pola in Sosua had theirs installed in September, 2020 which was mentioned here in DR1. As far as I know, the ones that are there today are the same as the ones installed back in 2020...they might look new as they are...
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    Are you thinking about switching to electric cars in the DR?

    They have both been there for over a year but I have never seen a car hooked up to them....seen many people trying to connect their phones though :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    One million fine for driving without helmet

    Just think how much more revenue the government would make if they fully enforced the law. Yes, it would mean employing more officers (and one could also argue the officers that they do currently have are not working as they should), but considering how many people fail to comply with the road...
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    What works best when trying to talk with a Latina

    amazed that nobody has said..."talk in Spanish"! You want respect, talk in their own language. After that, well, regardless of what language you use, dinero is the hottest subject, but not always...langosta and Corona are up there as far as favorite words too, they will talk to you about dinero...
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    Plane crash in Puerto Plata

    In the news it now says that the pilot failed to stop in the Provo to refuel, the pilot decided to fly straight on to POP...the worst and last decision he made. It also reports that no mechanical failure or emergency was reported to the tower....a sad end to what was almost a successful flight...
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    Plane crash in Puerto Plata

    I would go with Beeza's analysis too....why? Firstly, he owns his own Cessna here in Puerto Plata and has been a pilot for years. Secondly, he is one of the most qualified commercial airline engineers in the country and holds licenses for most commercial planes that fly into the DR. Thirdly...
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    Lasik or laser vision correction in the Dominican Republic

    Thanks for your response....where did she have the surgery done?
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    Lasik or laser vision correction in the Dominican Republic

    Has anyone had Lasik or laser vision correction done here in the DR and if so what was your experience and if done recently, what price did you pay? I am tired of wearing glasses and can't wear contacts anymore due to a previous eye infection caused by a contact lens so am looking at Lasik to...
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    The subtleties of change: Guillermo Moreno looks into what Abinader promised to win the election and what he has delivered

    The country has advanced so much in so many sectors and has become one of the best countries in the Caribbean and South America for many different reasons, but companies such as electricity and water make us look as if our beautiful country were a third world country. The government needs to do...
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    Banco Santa Cruz sticking it too me

    This is not just BSC, they all do. We receive transfers on a daily basis where I work and the receiving bank charges up to U$50 just to receive the money! It is crazy when you think that you have to pay to send the money and the receiving bank charges you too! Here it is getting harder and...
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    New price hike on electricity

    The sad thing about this is that there may be more people in the poorer sectors of the country that will take risks to hook up directly to the power lines. How many people die each year after being electrocuted because they can't afford to pay electricity? It is so sad but many people have no...
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    Last days to see the Cirque du Soleil show in Punta Cana

    I took my family to see the show in March, it was fantastic and well worth the money. I would have happily paid full price as the show was that good but 40% off was really nice too! It is not often that we can get to see shows of this caliber in the DR and so if you can, go and see it. On the...
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    English Muffins

    For those of you living in Cabarete and Sosua area, there is a lady in Sosua that makes delicious English muffins and English Crumpets. PM me for contact details.
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas

    I would opt for Cabarete over Las Terrenas. I have lived in Cabarete for 18 years and raised my kids here. The options for schools are very good and also activities for kids. We have horse riding at Sea Horse Ranch (my youngest goes every Saturday, kite schools, Karate at the International...
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    Casa Linda's Connections seems to be selling well

    Actually they have sold all the lots in both phases 10 and 11 which comprises of 84 lots before sticking a shovel in the ground. However, 5 villas have now started construction in phase 10. Phase 12 will be coming soon and there are already dozens of people that have put holds on lots in phase...
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    Norwegian Escape passengers to return by air to Miami; ship stays in port for assessment

    I worked on Costa Cruises for 5 years and I knew people onboard the Concordia, I knew someone that passed away and the very last person that as taken off the ship, an officer was a friend of mine. He had been helping passengers off the ship and he returned inside to go and find more survivors...
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    English Muffins

    You know where you can get them in Sosua!
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    Eats Sosua and Cabarete - good news bad news.....

    I went there with a group of 12 people, 4 of which, including myself, are English. In England most people are practically raised on Indian food and many households have a curry once every 1 or 2 weeks. All 4 of us were impressed, the flavors are exactly as they should be. Onion Bhaji's are...