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    NEW Guarantor Obligations for Residency

    I undrestand that the guarantor obligations have been changed recently. I would like to be a guarantor for someones Residencia and wonder just what my obligations would be .. Thanks
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    Common law marriages

    Have heard that common law specifies after living together for 3 months that the woman is entitled to half of the household goods can anyone enlighten me please thanks Did a search and got no information "The search term you specified (law) is under the minimum word length (4) and therefore...
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    Long Distance telephone costs to Haiti Please

    Well i searched the boards and found nothing on the subject so perhaps this is a new topic- How much and what is the best way to call Haiti? The local telphone shops ask anywhere from 12 pesos to 16 a minute codetel even on my home phone is 15 pesos a minute ($1 US WAY too much. i can call...
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    bus to haiti from santo domingo

    Hey all>\ Have heard various prices and actually seen a receipt for $50 oneway to Haiti from Santo Domingo- but what do the locals travel for and from where thanks or should i say what exactly do you recommend as they are often different thanks again Paul boca chica
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    Permits for a new business

    Dear DR1 Legal Advisor- What i am gathering from the board is that if i want to start a business in the DR like a photo studio or a computer business- i simply show up and begin work; there are no permits like there are here in the USA. I understand i will have to have a residency permit and i...
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    Hypnosis and Photography

    My two passions are Hypnosis and photography- i assume i could open a photography studio if i want to without drawing too much attention- and my Spanish is not good enough right now to do any therapy with Hypnosis- but - what is the current status in DR? are Hypnotherapists licensed or...
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    Rental Properties in Boca Chica

    I posted this in the Travel Forum too- but perhaps it is best asked here since i am actually looking for dual purpose rental- for a business storefront with perhaps attached personal residence- Just returned from a trip to Boca Chica and will plan to return for business purposes- was wondering...
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    Long Term Rentals? Boca Chica

    Just returned from a trip to Boca Chica and will plan to return for business purposes- was wondering how to locate /negotiate a month to month type rental in that area - The Santo Domingo paper seems to have some- but there must be a better way- a travel agent or rental agency that could help to...