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    Plea to fellow Expats

    Hey it’s Shalena. Been a member here for 13 years, know many of you, and hate many of you LOL. You all know me as the Santiago Black Chic that flies to the USA to work delivering babies. I don’t come on here often anymore. Well, I was called to the Covid crisis in NYC a couple of weeks...
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    Dog Trainer

    Hi! I bring my 2 Great Dane puppies home to Santiago in 10 days. Anyone know of any reputable trainers in the area? Where do you all take your dogs for exercise (I know there aren’t any “dog parks”) but I went to Parque Central and they told me I could walk them and let them play there but they...
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    PT hours in Call Center

    Are there any Call Centers that allow part time hours? My daughter is looking for a job. SHALENA
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    Hi, Does anyone know an architect? I just have one quick question. It may also lead to a job in the next few months but right now its just a question. You may pass on my email address. Thank you, SHALENA
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    Streaming Device

    Hello... Yes, I'm still alive. Yes, I still live in Santiago. Now, since the formalities are I able to have a ROKU or FIRESTICK for my TVs? My Netflix works and Amazon, but my HULU won't work out of the US. Don't want to get a streaming device and not be able to take advantage of all...
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    Best Reliable Generator

    I am in need of a home backup Generator for a small house in the campo where we will spend some weekends. The electricity rarely goes out in my home in Santiago so I only have an Inversor but at this campo home it is the opposite, it is rare that there is electricity available. I am looking for...
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    Santiago Lady Expats

    Hello ladies, I know that we tried this before several years ago and then it just didn't pick up steam but I would like to try again to see if we could meet once a month just to hang out, maybe an early dinner somewhere, children included so that more ladies can come. What do you ladies think...
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    Is the Whale watching worth the trip?

    I wanted to take the kids whale watching in Samana at the end of January but I'm concerned about the length of the trip and if there are other things to do also in addition to the whale watching. One thing that concerns me regarding the whale watching tour is that it says that it is 3-4...
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    Tanque from California

    Hey guys, After so much time doing assignments in just NYC, I am spreading my wings and going to California. I send Tanques home from time to time when I buy too much to take with my on my flights. In NYC this was a very easy task, not sure about Cali. Anyone know of any companies that send...
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    Photographic Print of the Monument

    So I have decided to do my upstairs hallway like I see in the airport, professional photographic prints of different places in the DR. I really want one of the Monument in Santiago and cannot find one. I have looked on many photo and art sites. I seem to remember a poster here who took many...
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    Gift Wrapping

    Is there a place in Santiago to go get your gifts wrapped that has more than 2 gift wrap paper options? One that allows you to bring in your gifts. I went to Lendoiro and the selection of wrapping paper is atrocious. They only had 1 Christmas paper option and the rest looked like they were...
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    Dirt Bike Santiago

    Anyone know where I can buy a new dirt bike in Santiago? Looking for my 11 y.o. son for Christmas. Here is a YouTube video link of the kind I'm talking about. You can skip to 1 minute 53 seconds to see what I'm talking about, he does a bit of talking at the beginning. DIRT BIKE SHOPPING...
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    Need References for Gurabito Country Club

    I am applying for membership at Gurabito Country Club in Santiago....I have everything except for the 3 current member's names for reference. I have only 1 (the person who told me about the club). Just wondered if anyone is a member and willing to allow me to use their name? You can PM me with...
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    Car Insurance

    Anyone have DR Car/SUV insurance? Full coverage? What is the cost? Is it paid monthly? quarterly? annually? What are the best companies for this? Do they actually pay a claim if filed or just take your money and leave you high and dry in an accident? Thanks for the info. SHALENA
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    Now there's poop in the cheese

    Ahora hay pup? en algunos quesos dominicanos [Nuria] SHALENA
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    Some Dominicans love to bite the hand that feeds them

    Do you guys remember the first house that I rented when I came to DR? In Vista Linda, and I loved that house. It was not perfect but I loved my neighborhood and neighbors. If you will remember, they started to pressure me to buy the house. I came here and explained and got great advice and...
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    God help me

    We received this letter from a woman who was living in Santiago, she and her husband are American. Melanie (LaTeacher) and I take turns checking the messages on the MW4DR facebook page and Melanie sent me a message as clearly this upset her. I checked the messages and I am going to be honest, by...
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    Clown or performer for birthday party

    Anyone know of any clowns or performers for a child's b-day party? Victor is turning 4 and usually we do it at MickeyD's or Burger King or some such place but this year there will be just too many kids for that to be feasible so I'm having it in the Casa Club of my neighborhood but I need...
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    Is someone going to Santiago PriceMart today?

    Just checking to see if anyone was going to PriceMart today because I would like to know if they have any whole spiral ham or regular ham for sale. I know they do at Christmas time but wasn't sure about Easter. I'm going home tomorrow, so if they don't have one, I'll smuggle one here from NYC...
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    Toyota Recall

    Toyota Vehicles Recall - Product Recalls - SHALENA