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    stealing ideas

    from time to time i'm thinking about what type of company i should open / start here and if i actually could do it better than the competition. most of the time i posted it here also to get smacked back into reality! lol! now i'm thinking backwards, i'm not thinking about what i could do here...
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    by what type of insect i have been bitten?

    it most be a dominican because this is the 2nd time it happened to me within 2 months. i don't know what bit me (must have been in my sleep) but the spot of the bite turns hard as rock and if you touch it it is very painful. 1st one was (and here it comes) on my ass, so so sitting was a...
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    is there a dr1 for brasil? ain't it! i'm thinking about going to brasil for the world cup so i need to be enlightened! thanks!
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    200 peso - 119 peso = 1881 peso ???

    i had a question, when paying 200 peso for something that costs 119 peso are you supposed to get 1881 peso back??? well, it happened today to me in la sirena, girl had the time of her life talking to her co-workers, she made me think i was bothering her. i gave her the 200 bill, i was minding...
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    anyone with a ? bank account?

    i'm in a very difficult situation at this moment! i don't mind explaining it in a pm.. but basically i don't have any money now, my brother is going to send me ?300,- but i need someone to help me out! at this moment i can't lose a single penny, if he would send it through western union i...
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    going to las terrenas friday the 7th till sunday the 9th / 6 persons

    hi there, does anyone has an idea where we could stay? 5 guys (age 17 and 20+) and a mother. we don't have money like that so a hotel room for $100 isn't what we're going after..
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    where NOT to pay for a consultation in a clinic?

    i need to remove a keloid in my ear and i went to see some clinics, the first clinic asked me to pay 300 so while i'm used to free consultations i was like OLVIDALO. 3 clinics later prices went from 2000, 3000 and i'm kidding you NOT 4000 for a conversation to find out if it's possible if they...
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    should've said TE AMO TAMBIEN! :(

    so wait, i've been dumped the 4th time (by 4 different girls, 1 soltera, 1 con novio, 1 who was engaged and 1 married) why i tell their social status? because in a matter of a couple of weeks they threw the TE AMO words at me, for a couple of days i was able to dodge it but when it came down to...
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    what's your name?

    after reading a topic yesterday i was wondering how people are calling you and what you think of your name? everybody calls me moreno because, well.. i am! and i don't see any harm in it.
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    does anyone of you live in the next cities?

    hi there, does anyone of you live in the next cities? - la romana - san pedro de macoris - boca chica - san francisco de macoris - la vega - puerto plata i'm asking this because i would like to transport people from la romana, san pedro and boca chica to santo domingo. in order to save...
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    what place i should contact to hold singing audiciones in santiago?

    hi there, i would like to organize audiciones in santiago on saturday the 14th of december or sunday the 15th of december. i never been to santiago before, i don't know nothing there. i already asked a little bit around on facebook, but i would like to visit santiago next week. finding a place...
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    Merry xmas! :)

    or am i too early? a couple of people in my street already have decorated their homes with xmas lights. when are you going to or have you already done it? you're going to let the whole outside of you house shine bright like a diamond or you just keep it to the inside?
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    problems with cable tv menu (tricom)

    hi there, i just want to know if anyone who is using tricom also has problems with the menu meaning the menu doesn't give inf. like what program you're watching at the moment and what program is next. i asked the landlord and it seems that more appartments have these problems, i was just...
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    where to bet on soccer in santo domingo?

    at this moment all i know is bancafivestar / hotel juragua in malecon but that is only limited to 21250 bet per match and i have an other spot but you have to bet on 2 games if you want to play.
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    what's the most horrific .. you have witnessed here?

    like a month ago i was in a very bad neighbourhood but i'm there often, but this time it went down on a whole other level of madness. i only saw the outcome of the fight, not the actually fight. but the outcome was a woman walking towards us being stabbed in her head, her arm was sliced on...
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    i want to sell ringtones! how to obtain a text message number? (short code)

    no i don't want to sell ringtones but this title might get your attention more than me just asking where to find short codes, at the end of the day it's the same company providing the short codes. i need a short code because i'm preparing a program, it's a reality show / concurso and i would...
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    would going into the taxi business a great way to make money?

    i'm just opening this topic to have a friendly discussion, in no way am i actually trying to get a company like this started but after having many conversations with drivers and getting killed by advertisements of phone numbers i was wondering if this really is something to get rich of. i...
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    Animo animo animo! :) If ever you're feeling sad..
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    bus companies in la romana, san cristobal, la vega and santiago

    i need to hire bus companies to pick up people from the next cities to santo domingo: - san cristobal - la romana, san pedro de macoris, boca chica does anybody know bus companies from san cristobal? does anybody knows bus companies from la romana? i need to hire bus companies to pick up...
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    does anyone has a paypal confirmed (IN THE DR) account?

    i need to buy a camera on ebay: Canon EOS 7D 18MP Digital SLR Camera Is 28 135mm Lens Battery Grip BG E7 2xLP E6 0013803117530 | eBay this exact type i need to buy, but all sellers only send items to paypal confirmed addresses. is there someone who could help me out?