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    JAPANESE SEAWEED SALAD (WAKAME)....where can I find it in DR??

    Having such a hard time finding Japanese Seaweed, either at a restaurant to eat or a place to buy. If anyone knows where, please let me know. Many, many thanks.
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    Delicious, green-colored seaweed....where to buy it??

    A few years ago a stellar guy named Frank (young Frank), who managed an Irish Pub in Cabarete, got me a dish of green seaweed as we dined at a restaurant a few hundred yards north up-road from his place. The meal and this particular side dish were simply outstanding!! Yup. Unfortunately, I...
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    Car Wanted

    Hi there, I'm looking for a 2017-18 FORD ESCAPE or 2014-16 Honda CR-V or 2014-2017 Nissan Murano in excellent condition. I'm Jim and my My tel/WApp is 809-660-6600.
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    Toronto/Canada travel restriction?

    Hi, I'm hoping to book a 10-day trip to Toronto - back to DR next week. Anyone that can shed some light on any Covid-related restrictions/requirements that may apply now? Many thanks for any input and or where I can easily get confirmation. Cheers JW
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    Industrial parts & components sources needed

    I design and fabricate various one-off equipment I need in various manufacturing or processing environments. Although I bring in parts from US at times I am trying to find sources in DR for various conveyor systems - such as drives, idle and belt rollers and belts etc. I'm also looking for...
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    I need cheap hotel near Hard Rock Punta Cana - 2 nights

    Any suggestions on a cheap hotel room (1 person) 5-10 min drive from Hard Rock Punta Cana. Dates are Oct. 4th and 5th. Many thanks for any suggestions.
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    Fishing in Rivers and Freshwater Lakes??

    Has anyone fished any of the many mountain streams/rivers or lakes found throughout the country - or in valleys? I'm an avid fly fisherman and dying to know if and what may be caught in these fresh water gems. If so, location or name of water/area would be greatly appreciated. - And, if anyone...
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    kW/hour rate in La Vega??

    Hi there! I just came back from La Vega, DR and forgot to ask what the cost for electricity is at now in that area. Any help would be super appreciated. Cheers! J