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    Paying for Utilities while living in the US.

    Is there any way to pay for utilities in DR while living in the US in order not to have them cut off. Does anyone know if that can be done over the Internet, using American Credit Cards?
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    Lawyer Jurisdiction

    Can Lawyers from one Province/City practice in another Province/City? Do they have to be admitted to the Bar in each Province/City or can they practice throughout the republic?
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    Rental Car Companies

    Does anyone know what the best rental car company is. What are the mandatory fees/charges. I will be arriving in Santiago in July and want to renta a car for 2 weeks. Avis and Hertz are quoting me an amount but I heard that they have hidden charges, and that you find out at the end of the...
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    Car Rental Insurance

    Arriving in July. Have LDW coverage from American Express. What other insurance will a person need when renting a car/SUV. TIA
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    Real Estate Taxes

    My in-law passed away recently, and left a home in Santiago. Does anyone know if we have to pay Real Estate taxes? If she has a receipt showing she paid for Apropiacion of the land, do we have to do a Deslinde? Does anyone know a good lawyer who can handle the title change to include all the...
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    What is Deslinde?

    What is deslinde? How does one go about getting one? How much does it cost to get one? Is it the same in all the Republic, or is it different by Province?
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    Selling a home in Santiago

    My mother passed away. She left a home in Santiago. I live abroad. How do I go about selling the home? The title is in her name.
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    Sale of Home

    My mother passed away recently. She owned a one family home in Santiago. I have the title, it is in her name. Do I have to go through a legal process to get my name and my sisters on the title in order to sell it? Is it possible to sell it privately, without going through the long legal...
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    Santiago Home Appraisals

    I need to sell a home in Santiago, how do I get an appraisal? Does anyone know a good Lawyer who can represent me? Keep in good health. Thanks for any response.
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    Old Street Names

    I would like to know the original street name of the Avenida Hermanas Mirabal, in Santiago, Dr. I would appreciate it if I can be pointed to a site or document or book that could answer that for me. Gracias.:classic: