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    new immigration law in Canada and its marketing campaign...

    Interesting video that everyone should listen to... Video - Marriage fraud: Stories from victims
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    Riu Palace Macao

    Hi, I was going to take my vacation week in Jamaica but my trusted travel agent convinced me to go back to DR. So at beginning of June I will spend a week in Punta Cana at the Riu Palace. I know AI are not necessarily the best way to go but I just want to rest. I'm bringing tons of books to...
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    my one and only Sankie!

    This will be a long post, my apologies in advance. I?m writing in hope that at least one more person will keep her guard up? First I would like to thank AnnaC for pointing me to this website?I?m not sure she knew my ex-boyfriend/partner was a Sankie but this site has helped me keep my eyes...