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    Freelance Handy Man/Electrician Wanted in Puerto Plata

    I have an apartment in Puerto Plata and occassionally need a Handy Man and/or an electrican . I currently need some electrical outlets fixed and some furniture assembled. Anyone have a reliable handy person thats good with putting together wood furniture and maybe a second person whos good with...
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    20 Rotisserie Chicken Machine (GAS) - Puerto Plata

    i have a lightly used rotisserie oven that holds 20 chickens and is operated by gas. (Electricity still needed to operate the rotation). It is located in Puerto Plata. Selling for 65 mil RD$. Other restaurant equipment available as well.
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    Small Restaurant Hiring

    I recently opened up a small restaurant in Puerto Plata - Los Cocos area and looking for a decent woman to help with the cooking and cleaning. It's a small space for Take-out and delivery. No age limits but preferably someone who has some tech experience, as we will be accepting online orders...
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    Referencia Laboratorio Clinico Nagua

    Has anyone had any experience with the Referencia Laboratorio Clinico Nagua covid test? I need to get on done this friday to travel back to the states and have had a hard time making a reservation, any one have any experience in this clinica?
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    Shipping Containers thru POP

    I'm thinking of shipping a container from the states to POP port, with about 3-bedrooms worth of items. Any brave souls here ever navigated the scary world of customs at puerto plata port? I'm a total newbie and looking to furnish a 3 bedroom. What should I expect when my items arrive? Anyway...
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    Has anyone formed an SRL with no lawyer?

    Ive found some old threads but things have changed now and I see its possible to form a company online in the DR. Has anyone had any experience and done this successfully? I'm looking to form a 2-person Dominican LLC or S.R.L. as its called. Any help on how to form an SRL and get the RNC Tax ID...
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    Casetas on the Malecon?

    I've always had an interest in the casetas on the malecon. I've figured maybe someone knows of someone whos willing to sell, preferably a half or entire caseta. The beach bars on the Malecon
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    Buying a Condo Using an American LLC

    I'm purchasing a condo in Puerto Plata and I'm interested in owning it through an American LLC but cant get honest answers anywhere. Of course I had to come to the best source for information in the good old DR! Basically I would be putting 20% cash down on the condo, but I want the title to be...
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    Starting a Business in DR

    Hello DR1 I've been doing my research and most likely will end up using Guzmans services but its hard not to be spoiled with all the knowledgeable people in this forum. - What are the basic steps to starting a legal business in DR? - How do you deal with hustlers and police who try to extort...
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    Commercial Locations on Pedro Clisante

    I've been itching to open up a small location in either Puerto Plata or on Pedro Clisante in Sosua. Anyone know of any brokers or websites where I can find more information. Looking to open up a small location nothing big. Any info on the casetas on sosua beach also?
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    Casetas in Puerto Plata Malecon

    Long time lurker finally posting here. Anyone have any info on the beachfront casetas on the malecon in puerto plata? Decided to look further into them in hopes of maybe acquiring one. any info would be appreciated.